The 50 Best Modern Horror Movies Of The 21st Century

The 50 Best Modern Horror Movies Of The 21st Century by Jancy Richardson , May 25th, 2016 at 9:11am Share on Facebook Share to TwitterIt was hard to pick the 50 best horror movies since 2000, possibly even harder than choosing the 50 greatest horror movie classics of the 20th Century . At least with the 20th Century, there are more acknowledged classics; you’re less likely to get destroyed by other horror fans with the weight of history behind your choices. Still, sometimes you have to make a choice and play the game…How Many Great Horror Movies Have Been Made Since 2000?There are more than 50 great horror movies made since the year 2000. In fact, I’ll let you in on a secret; I totally cheated. For each of the fifty, I’ve added three ‘related’ horror movies, films that can be grouped with that Top 50 pick thematically, or that just make required viewing for the modern horror fan. Check out the 50 best horror movies of the 21st Century, and another, additional 150 you should really be scaring yourself silly with.1. Final DestinationReleased: 2000Director: James WongModern horror theme: Teens in PerilRelated horror movies since 2000: Cherry Falls, Valentine, Sorority Row2. Ginger SnapsReleased: 2000Director: John FawcettModern horror theme: Howlin’ at the MoonRelated horror movies since 2000: Dog Soldiers, Howl, Cub3. AuditionReleased: 2000Director: Takashi MiikeModern horror theme: Japanese SadismRelated horror movies since 2000: Ichi the Killer, Battle Royale, Gozu4. Jeepers CreepersReleased: 2001Director: Victor SalvaModern horror theme: Hell on the RoadRelated horror movies since 2000: Wrong Turn, Dead End, Hush5. IrreversibleReleased: 2002Director: Gaspar NoeModern horror theme: New French ExtremityRelated horror movies since 2000: In My Skin, Fat Girl, Ma mère6. Dark WaterReleased: 2002Director: Hideo NakataModern horror theme: Vengeful Asian GirlsRelated horror movies since 2000: The Grudge, The Eye, Shutter7. Haute TensionReleased: 2003Director: Alexandre AjaModern horror theme: Blood-soaked womenRelated horror movies since 2000: Frontiers, Ils, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane8. OldboyReleased: 2003Director: Park Chan-WookModern horror theme: Korean CarnageRelated horror movies since 2000: A Tale of Two Sisters, I Saw the Devil, Thirst9. SawReleased: 2004Director: James Wan & Leigh WhannellModern horror theme: Exquisite TortureRelated horror movies since 2000: The Killing Gene, Les Sept Jours du talion , 5150 Rue des Ormes10. Dawn of the DeadReleased: 2004Director: Zack SnyderModern horror theme: BRAIINNNSSS!Related horror movies since 2000: 28 Days Later , Land of the Dead, Survival of the Dead11. The DescentReleased: 2005Director: Neil MarshallModern horror theme: Monsters in the DarkRelated horror movies since 2000: REC, As Above, So Below, The Hallow12. HostelReleased: 2005Director: Eli RothModern horror theme: GorenographyRelated horror movies since 2000: The Green Inferno, Cabin Fever, Hostel II13. AntikörperReleased: 2005Director: Christian AlvartModern horror theme: Suffer Little ChildrenRelated horror movies since 2000: Big Bad Wolves, Die Behandlung, Prisoners14. Wolf CreekReleased: 2005Director: Greg McLeanModern horror theme: Horror in OzRelated horror movies since 2000: Dying Breed, The Snowtown Murders, Lake Mungo15. The Devil’s RejectsReleased: 2005Director: Rob ZombieModern horror theme: The Madness of Rob ZombieRelated horror movies since 2000: Rob Zombie’s Halloween, Lords of Salem, House of 1000 Corpses16. 30 Days of NightReleased: 2007Director: David SladeModern horror theme: Horror on IceRelated horror movies since 2000: Dead Snow, The Last Winter, Cold Prey17. Eden LakeReleased: 2008Director: James WatkinsModern horror theme: Y’all ain’t from around here, are ya?Related horror movies since 2000: Inbred, White Settlers, Territories18. InsideReleased: 2008Director: Julien Maury & Alexandre BustilloModern horror theme: Francophone freakoutRelated horror movies since 2000: Calvaire, Sheitan, Trouble Every Day19. The StrangersReleased: 2008Director: Bryan BertinoModern horror theme: Home InvasionRelated horror movies since 2000: Tiger House, Sleep Tight, Panic Room, Intruders20. The RuinsReleased: 2008Director: Carter SmithModern horror theme: Horror on HolidayRelated horror movies since 2000: Donkey Punch, Black Rock, Sightseers21. MartyrsReleased: 2009Director: Pascal LaugierModern horror theme: Utter despairRelated horror movies since 2000: The Nameless, Anatomy of Hell, Requiem for a Dream22. OrphanReleased: 2009Director: Jaume Collet-SerraModern horror theme: Killer KidsRelated horror movies since 2000: The Children, Let the Right One In , Identity23. Paranormal ActivityReleased: 2009Director: Oren PeliModern horror theme: Ghouls & GhostsRelated horror movies since 2000: Session 9, Thir13en Ghosts, The Others24. Drag Me to HellReleased: 2009Director: Sam RaimiModern horror theme: Women With Supernatural GrudgesRelated horror movies since 2000: Jennifer’s Body, Ava’s Possessions, Savaged25. SplinterReleased: 2010Director: Toby WilkinsModern horror theme: Creature FeatureRelated horror movies since 2000: Cloverfield, The Mist, Trollhunter26. The CollectorReleased: 2010Director:Modern horror theme: Ingenious EvilRelated horror movies since 2000: 13 Sins, Cheap Thrills, 13 Cameras27. The Loved OnesReleased: 2010Director: Sean ByrneModern horror theme: A Party You’ll Never Wanna LeaveRelated horror movies since 2000: Estranged, The Invitation, The Sacrament28. House of the DevilReleased: 2010Director: Ti WestModern horror theme: Hell is Empty and All Devils Are HereRelated horror movies since 2000: Here Comes the Devil, Heartless, Devilh29. A Serbian FilmReleased: 2010Director: Srdjan SpasojevicModern horror theme: UltraviolenceRelated horror movies since 2000: Antichrist, August Underground, Grotesque30. Julia’s EyesReleased: 2010Director: Guillem MoralesModern horror theme: Sensory DeprivationRelated horror movies since 2000: Hush, Blindness, Don’t Breathe31. The Human CentipedeReleased: 2010Director: Tom SixModern horror theme: Unnecessary SurgeryRelated horror movies since 2000: The Human Centipede II, Splice, Turistas32. KidnappedReleased: 2010Director: Miguel Ángel VivasModern horror theme: Hostile HostagesRelated horror movies since 2000: Para Elisa, The Woman, The Call33. You’re NextReleased: 2011Director: Adam WingardModern horror theme: Fierce Final GirlRelated horror movies since 2000: Kristy, Bound to Vengeance, P234. Kill ListReleased: 2011Director: Ben WheatleyModern horror theme: Sweet RevengeRelated horror movies since 2000: Blue Ruin, Dead Man’s Shoes, Harry Brown, Bedevilled35. Cabin in the WoodsReleased: 2012Director: Drew GoddardModern horror theme: Mega MetaRelated horror movies since 2000: The Last Horror Movie, Behind the Mask: The Rise and Fall of Lesley Vernon, Seed of Chucky36. ExcisionReleased: 2012Director: Richard Bates JrModern horror theme: Not Your Pixie Dream GirlRelated horror movies since 2000: May, American Mary, February, Felt37. SinisterReleased: 2012Director: Scott DericksonModern horror theme: Bighitters from BlumhouseRelated horror movies since 2000: The Conjuring, Insidious, The Purge38. ChainedReleased: 2012Director: Jennifer LynchModern horror theme: Depravity & DegradationRelated horror movies since 2000: The Seasoning House, Deadgirl, Das Experiment39. Evil DeadReleased: 2013Director: Fede AlvarezModern horror theme: Undead goreRelated horror movies since 2000: We Are Still Here, Wyrmwood, Zombieland40. 100 Bloody AcresReleased: 2013Director: Cameron & Colin CairnesModern horror theme: Hilarious HorrorRelated horror movies since 2000: Stitches, Severance, Body41. Berberian Sound StudioReleased: 2013Director: Peter StricklandModern horror theme: Artsy ScaresRelated horror movies since 2000: The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears, Amer, A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night, Linkeroever42. HouseboundReleased: 2014Director: Gerard JohnstoneModern horror theme: Killer Kiwi ComedyRelated horror movies since 2000: Deathgasm, Black Sheep, What We Do In The Shadows43. Let Us PreyReleased: 2014Director: Brian O’MalleyModern horror theme: Work is a NightmareRelated horror movies since 2000: Last Shift, Bloodsucking Bastards, Cooties44. The BabadookReleased: 2014Director: Jennifer KentModern horror theme: Through the Eyes of a ChildRelated horror movies since 2000: Fragile, The Orphanage, The Devil’s Backbone, Bereavement45. The Taking of Deborah LoganReleased: 2014Director: Adam RobitelModern horror theme: Possession With a TwistRelated horror movies since 2000: The Possession of Michael King, The Last Exorcism, Exeter46. BaskinReleased: 2015Director: Can EvrenolModern horror theme: Mindfuck MadnessRelated horror movies since 2000: Uzumaki, Visitor Q, Imprint47. Ich Seh, Ich SehReleased: 2015Director: Veronika Franz & Severin FialaModern horror theme: Mommy IssuesRelated horror movies since 2000: Frailty, Triangle, Mama48. It FollowsReleased: 2015Director: David Robert MitchellModern horror theme: Sexual ParanoiaRelated horror movies since 2000: Teeth, Contracted, Hard Candy49. The Final GirlsReleased: 2015Director: Todd Strauss-SchulsonModern horror theme: For the Love of the GenreRelated horror movies since 2000: Shaun of the Dead, Tucker & Dale Vs Evil, Diary of the Dead50. The WitchReleased: 2016Director: Robert EggersModern horror theme: Something Wicked This Way ComesRelated horror movies since 2000: Heretiks, Witching & Bitching, Starry EyesBONUS: The ABCs of DeathReleased: 2013Director: VariousModern horror theme: Awesome AnthologiesRelated horror movies since 2000: Trick ‘R Treat, V/H/S, ABCs of Death 2What is the best horror movie of the 21st Century?