The Best New Set Photos Released From Spider-Man: Homecoming!

The upcoming film Spider-Man: Homecoming just recently began production and by looking at some of the set photos released, this film is bound to be something spectacular! The anticipation has only just begun, as this is the first Spider-Man to be inducted into the MCU alongside other Marvel characters. Tom Holland may very well put up an amazing Spider-Man performance that Marvel fans have always deserved.

A whole variety of set photos have been crawling out into the internet giving fans a teasing glimpse at the film and the cast. Even an awesome first look at the suit we’ll be seeing on-screen! So lets check out the best of the new set photos released of Spider-Man: Homecoming!

First look at Zendaya on set!

It’s currently unknown who Zendaya will be portraying in the upcoming film, but it is rumored that she may be a love interest for Peter Parker. Obviously she’s not blonde or is sporting any red hair, so a good guess would be Liz Allen, one of Peter Parker’s high school crushes. We’ll find out sooner or later!

A look some of Midtown’s high school cast!

Kenneth Choi is already said to have the role of Peter Parker’s principal in his high school, and he really does rock that principal look! Laura Harrier appears to be one of the students in the school and Martin Starr looks dressed enough to be a teacher.

Peter Parker’s pals!

In this set photo, we see Zendaya, Abraham Attah, Isabella Amara and Michael Barbieri all grouped by what looks to be the outside of the high school. Peter Parker could be having his own “squad” in the upcoming film!

Tom Holland on set!

Right here we see Tom Holland as Peter Parker on the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming. This photo holds one of the most awesome easter eggs in the film, Peter’s shirt appears to be referencing the year Spider-Man was created. On the shirt is labeled that “Midtown School of Science & Technology” was established on “1962.” This also confirms that Peter will be attending a private school filled with smart kids like himself.

Peter at Homecoming?

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Looks like Spider-Man: Homecoming may be taking the name literally! Peter Parker’s looking a bit dapper at a nighttime shooting for the film. With him being a ninth-grader in high school, dressing with a collard shirt on could very well be for some sort of a dance. Maybe Zendaya might be his date? Well, one thing for sure is that: you can’t have Spider-Man show up at Homecoming without a villain crashing the party!

Peter on the run!

Looks like Parker’s spidey senses are tingling! From looking at the photos above, it seems Peter may be heading to or from school but in his walk, a situation erupts in Queens. Since Spider-Man: Homecoming is only in early production, this would be a great scene to start off the film with. The perfect introduction to your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man would be to see him in action! It’d probably be just a couple of thugs too for him to show off his skills.

First look at Spidey’s suit in the film!

The entertainment site has recently released an exclusive first look at Spider-Man suited up on set. As you see in the set photos, an action may unfold on a highway in the film. Also, the suit that Spider-Man will be appearing won’t be CGI as it was when he made his debut in Captain America: Civil War. The suit actually looks like the exact same one he wore on-screen in the previous film.

The scene being filmed in these photos must definitely have a connection with the previous set photos showing Peter on the run. With it being on the highway, it could be possible that Peter may have noticed a couple of NYPD cop cars in pursuit of a vehicle. This could be why he swung into action and he’s also wearing his backpack so he was probably on his way to school. You could also note that he’s holding his phone, possibly explaining to Aunt May why he hasn’t shown up to school yet.

These set photos really build up the hype for next year! Surely, there’s more teasers to come soon!

Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters on July 7, 2017!

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