The Best of Jason Blum’s Live Interview On Movie Pilot’s Throwback

Just this morning, super-producer Jason Blum chatted with Throwback’s Michelle Siouty and Creator Dash Finley about his illustrious career, particularly in the horror genre. Jason has some of the best anecdotes about every single film they mentioned, in case you couldn’t already tell. Below is a round-up of all the best moments
1. Jason Blum finds films based on real life events the scariest

In 2015, Blum directed the TV show The Jinx, which follows the horrific story of real life monster Fred Durst who killed his wife and neighbor. He finds true crime stories the scariest because it actually happened in real life.
2. Working on horror films is absolute fun and not scary

Insidious: Chapter 2

Insidious: Chapter 2

You might think it’s absolutely frightening to work on a scary film, but Blum assures us that it’s actually a bunch of fun. With food and children running around, it’s actually an absolute joy. Blum says the crew on his sets are “fun-loving people” who probably have more enjoyable times than comedy sets.
3. Jason Blum has never worked on ‘Anabelle’ or ‘The Conjuring’

Although Blum has collaborated with James Wan on Insidious, he did not produce films like Anabelle and The Conjuring. While Blum jokes that he wish he could have been involved in either film, he will still say “thank you” if you were to congratulate him on it.
4. Blum applied his low-budget model for the film ‘Whiplash,’ which was made for $3.3 Million

Jason Blum still views this as a horror film, even if isn’t exactly obvious. he calls it a “Sundance, indie horror.” He used the same sound mixers who worked on Insidious with him.

Jason Blum’s most recent project, The Darkness, hits theaters tomorrow on Friday the 13th! Be sure to check it out…if you dare! Check out the trailer below: