The Canary Still Cries: Black Canary Voted DC’s Best TV Hero!


The Canary still cries – louder than ever, apparently! In a recent poll taken by , fans were encouraged to vote for their favorite DC Comics TV Hero, and boy did they make their presence felt. Over 105,000 votes were cast as fans chose their favorite of DC’s TV superheroes from Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Gotham, Legends of Tomorrow, iZombie and Lucifer. But when the dust settled, one character was the clear winner. With a startling 33,922 votes, Arrow‘s Black Canary soared ahead of the competition in the thousands, leaving headlining superheroes The Flash, Supergirl and even the Green Arrow in her trail. That’s almost a third of the overall votes!

Take that!

Second place also went to Arrow with the quirky and lovable genius Felicity Smoak receiving over 28,000 votes. Go Ladies! Many were surprised that either of the top 2 managed to out-poll Grant Gustin’s The Flash who came in at third place with over 16,000 votes as he managed to fend off all competition at the top in the early-going. Fourth place went to the Green Arrow who garnered over 7,000 votes and Fifth place went to Supergirl who amassed over 6,500.

The Top 10 (courtesy of Comic Book Resources)
The Top 10 (courtesy of Comic Book Resources)

Decimating the competition, this victory for Black Canary only proves what fans knew all along – . For the past four years, Katie Cassidy delivered a strong performance on Arrow as Laurel Lance. Over the series, Laurel was faced with so many trials and tragedies. But she managed to overcome everything that was thrown at her and became the Black Canary. The shocking decision to kill her off received an enormous amount of backlash from comic book fans, who have since . The series has received a lot of criticism lately (and declining ratings) for its alleged subpar storytelling, soap-opera elements and . But no decision was more criticised than its “creative” decision to kill off the beloved Black Canary.

Badass in Black: Black Canary

Badass in Black: Black Canary

Although , fans have been calling for her revival on Arrow, providing some strong arguments in their defense. And I’m not sure I could disagree. Why? The series has constantly revived characters over its four year run and none of them were as integral or important to the Green Arrow lore as Dinah Laurel Lance/Black Canary. The character was one of the only Green Arrow characters left on Arrow and many felt that she should have been treated with more respect. In their defense, Black Canary is a badass strong female character and shouldn’t have been considered expendable for anyone – no matter what “rich storylines” her death could provide for other characters.

This victory comes after the recent comic book reboot “Green Arrow: Rebirth” received overwhelming praise, particularly for its portrayal of both Green Arrow and Black Canary. On an interesting note, DC Comics’ Chief Creative Officer (and Co-Chief of DC Films Division) Geoff Johns recently made some supportive comments about both the comic book and potential future film iterations of the character. states:

“Let’s say you’ve been given the position of writing Green Arrow from scratch…Clean slate. You might say, ‘Okay, I’m going to write this new character,’ and when someone says, ‘Well, what about Black Canary,’ you might say… ‘nope.’ That means you completely misunderstand these characters.” For Johns, to love superheroes is to know what they love, whether it’s a romantic pairing, or a specific hope for their world.

Many fans have taken this comment to be an indirect response to Arrow‘s questionable treatment of the character: not only killing her off but pairing her fated love interest Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) with Felicity instead of her. Changing the lore doesn’t seem to reflect Johns’ beliefs of understanding who or what superheroes love.

Just like the comics: Laurel and Oliver

Just like the comics: Laurel and Oliver

Laurel’s death on the series never felt right. They went through four years of extensive, drawn-out storytelling to get Laurel to where she needed to be. Even critics of the character had finally warmed to her. But alas, the creative team unjustly killed her off purely for shock value and a twist that fell flat (look at the ratings). The conversation she had with Oliver before her death led many to speculate she was still alive and would return in the finale. Unfortunately, Arrow did not deliver in the finale. But this hasn’t changed their way of thinking – they clearly still love the character and want her revived.

The Fans want her back: Katie Cassidy as Laurel

Don’t take my word for it, look at the statistics – they speak volumes! Just like Laurel’s ‘Canary Cry’, the fans have screamed loud and clear – they want Katie Cassidy’s Black Canary back on Arrow! I am and will always be a fan of the series but with the backlash, the ratings drop and the criticism, this poll is further proof that comic book fans want Arrow to reverse the mistake they made this year. Killing off a popular and beloved comic book character did nothing to further the show and only resulted in declining ratings. Thus, the poll is further evidence to suggest that it’s time for the showrunners of Arrow to listen to the people. Katie Cassidy was a mainstay on Arrow since the beginning and the poll is proof that fans want her back.

Laurel fans be like…

In conclusion, Black Canary is a mainstay of Green Arrow mythology. Despite some criticism, Arrow did a great job mirroring that for four years. However, their decision to kill Laurel Lance on their show caused outrage. With some fans claiming they were glad Laurel was gone and that “nobody liked her”, this poll’s results is the ultimate act of defiance. The statistics speak for themselves – the love is there. The fans want Katie Cassidy back and thus, they want the Black Canary back on Arrow. These results prove that the Canary still cries – loud and clear!

Dear Arrow, the fans have spoken: We Want Katie Cassidy’s Black Canary BACK on TV!

BRING HER BACK!: Black Canary

What are your thoughts on the Black Canary issue? Would reviving her win the show its Comic Book fans back? Or has Arrow truly “failed this city”? Let us know in the comments!

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