The Cast Of Pearl Harbor Was Huge But Where Are They Now?

The Cast Of Pearl Harbor Was Huge But Where Are They Now? by Luis Rodriguez , May 25th, 2016 at 12:32am Share on Facebook Share to TwitterIt was one of those movies that had a grand scale when it came to everything about it from the visuals all the way to the cast. Pearl Harbor was based on the real-life events during World War II told through the eyes of two childhood friends. It was released 15 years ago and since then the cast has gone in completely different directions. I think it’s time we revisit where some of them have headed off into since the World War II drama.Ben Affleck-Capt. Rafe McCawleyIt was one of Ben Affleck’s defining moments in his career as he switched from lower budget films such as Mallrats and Chasing Amy to big budget films like Pearl Harbor . The film definitely paid off well for Affleck who went on to star in many big movies and became a household name. It doesn’t, however, mean those movies were met with praise from Daredevil and Jersey Girl to the now infamous Gigli . Affleck had a rough time with these titles looming over his head but that all changed with Affleck’s The Town . It wasn’t the first time he had directed but it was a definite masterpiece that was followed by yet another great film, Argo . The actor is now best known for being our current Batman in the DCEU and will also be directing the reboot in the Batman series. It looks like Affleck’s career looks brighter than ever today.Josh Hartnett – Capt. Danny WalkerJosh Hartnett was in a couple films before Pearl Harbor such as The Virgin Suicides and Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later . The actor who played Ben Affleck’s childhood friend in Pearl Harbor went on to appear in another big budget war film. In the same year, we saw Josh back in the war movie Black Hawk Down alongside Pearl Harbor co-star Tom Sizemore and Ewan Mcgregor. Josh has also appeared in many comic book movie adaptations that include Sin City , and 30 Days of Night . These days you can catch Josh on the show Penny Dreadful where he plays, Ethan Chandler.Kate Beckinsale – Nurse Lt. Evelyn JohnsonThe actress has been in a variety of different movies that truly show how versatile she is. Kate Beckinsale played the nurse that was in a love triangle between Affleck’s Rafe and Hartnett’s Danny. The release of Pearl Harbor was one of the stepping stones that truly launched Beckinsale into the Hollywood scene. We started to see a lot more from her throughout the years in different movies following Pearl Harbor . Kate is perhaps best known for playing the vampire warrior Selene in the Underworld series. We should be seeing a new Underworld movie this year of course starring Kate Beckinsale later this year.Cuba Gooding Jr- Petty Officer Second Class Dorie MillerCuba Gooding Jr had a tremendous career prior to Pearl Harbor and even won an Academy Award for his role in Jerry Maguire . It was no surprise that he would be in a movie of this scale later in his career. The movie was yet another stepping stone for the actor as he went on to star in many more notable films. The list includes The Butler and Selma which all garnered critical praise for the actor. In a more recent role Cuba Gooding Jr played Oj Simpson in the shot The People V O.J Simpson , which is a superb show you should definitely check out..William Lee Scott- First Lt. Billy ThompsonThe actor was well known before Pearl Harbor for being on the Steve Harvey show. Scott after Pearl Harbor went on to star in a couple of movies and also some minor roles in T.V shows. The notable movies the actor has appeared in consist of The Butterfly Effect , and Identity. Although the actor hasn’t appeared in a movie since 2010 I’m sure it’s not the last we have seen of him.Jennifer Garner- Nurse SandraJennifer Garner has had a tremendous career ever since Pearl Harbor appearing in many big budgets and low budget films. The actress might have had a couple of movies that may be considered flops but nonetheless is a very versatile actress. In some of her more critically acclaimed roles, she has been in Dallas Buyers Club and Juno . It definitely might have also started the romance between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner as we saw them star in the much talked about Daredevil movie in 2004.Michael Shannon -Lt. Gooz WoodThis is one of those actors that always is able to bring out so much intensity into each role he’s in you just forget anyone else is in the scene with him. The actor already had a couple of roles in the bag but after Pearl Harbor is when he skyrocketed. Shannon went on to appear in many big budget films as well as smaller ones that have been critically acclaimed. He is perhaps now most well known for his portrayal as the villainous General Zod in the Superman Man of Steel movie.Jamie King- Nurse Betty BayerThe actress is perhaps best known for her role in the movie Blow alongside Johnny Depp prior to Pearl Harbor . Since the success of Pearl Harbor , Jamie King went on to appear in a variety of movies and a couple comic book movies as well. The list of comic book movies includes The Spirit , Sin City , and the sequel Sin City: A Dame To Kill For . King would also due voice acting for Star Wars: The Clone Wars where she voiced Aurra Sing as well as other characters.Alec Baldwin-Lt. Col. James DoolittleAlec Baldwin has been in the business for over 50 years now so he was no newcomer when it came to Pearl Harbor . The actor being around 30 plus years before the film meant he, of course, would be around 15 years later. Baldwin has gone on to appear in a multitude of films from some family friendly films such as Madagascar to action flicks such as Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation .Dan Aykroyd -Capt. ThurmanIf you aren’t familiar with Dan Aykroyd then you need to go back and watch some of the classic films he was in before Pearl Harbor. The actor was in films such as The Blues Brothers and Ghostbusters . Dan has appeared in many films since Pearl Harbor and most recently was in Adam Sandler’s Pixels and is said to be in the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot.Jon Voight-President Franklin Delano RooseveltThis actor just like Baldwin has been around for more than 50 years in the business and continues to be a force to be reckoned. The actor has appeared in numerous big budget films such as Mission Impossible , Transformers , and The National Treasure series. He is slated to appear in the upcoming film Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them based on J.K Rowling’s book of the same nameThe cast of Pearl Harbor was pretty huge and it would take a while to name each and everyone. I decided to just handle the main cast we saw in the movie and fill you in on what they have been up to. It’s great to see that many of them have found a home in either a T.V or a superhero franchise. It will be interesting to see where these actors are in the next 10 years of their career.