The Cast Of ‘Terminator 2’ 25 Years Later

Most of us still remember “hasta la vista baby” like we just watched Terminator 2: Judgment Day for the very first time. It’s one of the few movies that will live on as , let alone .

It’s been 25 years since Arnold lowered himself into that molten lava and made us shed tears. What’s the cast been up to since then?

Arnold Schwarzenegger — The Terminator

Schwarzenegger in "T2" and "Terminator Genisys."

Schwarzenegger in “T2” and “Terminator Genisys.”

Since T2, Arnold has been in a plethora of movies. He starred in the hilarious — but disastrous — Last Action Hero where he played a spoof of his signature character type. He followed it up with the hit True Lies with Jamie Lee Curtis, which reunited him with T2 director James Cameron. He then moved into more family-friendly films with things like Jingle all the Way and Batman and Robin, where he played the cartoonish Mr. Freeze. More recently he starred in The Expendables franchise alongside many of his action movie peers, as well as .

Oh, and there was that time when he was the governor of one of the largest states in America! Arnold may not ever become president of the United States, but he has achieved a feat that nobody else has: Emigrated to the US, became an action icon, and then became the Governor of California.

Linda Hamilton — Sarah Connor

Linda Hamilton in "T2" and "Defiance."

Linda Hamilton in “T2” and “Defiance.”

Linda Hamilton had a different yet still successful path after Terminator 2, boasting a steady movie and television career after playing Sarah Conner. Hamilton has gone on to do voices on Batman Beyond as Dr. Stephanie Lake and Dr. Furbanna on Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, as well as a recurring roles in shows like Chuck and Defiance.

She may not have an ultra-glamorous film career, but Hamilton has been working consistently for the 25 years after Terminator 2: Judgement Day. She will also always be the face we see in our minds when we think of Sarah Connor.

Edward Furlong — John Connor

Edward Furlong in "T2" and "Awaken."

Edward Furlong in “T2” and “Awaken.”

Edward Furlong’s career post-Terminator 2 wasn’t as glamorous as Arnold’s or as consistent as Hamilton’s. While he still works, Furlong was expected to take off as an actor but instead wound up doing low budget and straight-to-DVD films. The actor has also battled drug and alcohol problems that likely stunted his career.

Robert Patrick — T-1000

Robert Patrick in "T2" and "Scorpion."

Robert Patrick in “T2” and “Scorpion.”

This guy has been in more movies and shows since Terminator 2 than you can shake a stick at. Heck, I even forgot it was him playing the T-1000 until I re-watched it recently. You probably recognize him from Sons of Anarchy, True Blood, and The Marine with John Cena, and his current role on Scorpion as Agent Cabe Gallo.

Fans of The X-Files probably remember him from his run as FBI Special Agent John Doggett. He also played Ray Cash in the movie about music legend Johnny Cash, Walk the Line. With 139 roles as an actor in total with two films scheduled for 2016, Robert Patrick seems to be an actor who’s always in demand.

Earl Boen — Dr. Silberman

Earl Boen in "T2" and posing with a fan in 2015.

Earl Boen in “T2” and posing with a fan in 2015.

When I went to find out what Earl Boen had been up to, I was beyond shocked to see that he has voiced over 50 projects ranging from cartoons to video games. A quick IMDb search will show you that he’s done voices or World of Warcraft, Kim Possible, X-Men: Legends, Call of Duty, and tons of other movies, games, and TV shows. He is also the only actor from T2 — besides Arnold — to return for the third installment in the Terminator series.

Joe Morton — Miles Dyson

Joe Morton in "T2" and "Scandal."

Joe Morton in “T2” and “Scandal.”

Now this guy knows how to not only pick his roles, but how to stay around. In total, Joe Morton is credited for 125 roles and recently picked up three NAACP awards and an Emmy for his role as Rowan Pope on ABC’s hit drama Scandal. Morton also had a brief but very important cameo in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice as Cyborg’s father Silas.

Check out the original trailer for Terminator 2: Judgment Day:

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