The Creators Publishing Model: Powered by Fans, Empowering Fans

The internet is a wild place filled with creative content that’s inspiring, hilarious, outrageous, and everything in between. But no matter the type of content, there’s one thing the majority of it has in common: it’s not earning the people who created it very much credit, whether that be in the form of money or recognition. Unless you count virtual rewards like upvotes.

Today’s digital publishing landscape isn’t the easiest to crack, especially if you’re looking to make even a modest living off your creativity. The small, independent players often get relegated to the background, while the sponsored big dogs sweep up view counts and ad revenue.

Even worse yet is when the best ideas get stolen from blogs, forums, and other creative platforms and spun into lucrative, viral content for websites (mainly social publishers) that have the advantage of better publishing resources and audience traction. This, unfortunately, has been one of the downsides of the open internet.

Just enter any Reddit thread or search by hashtag on Tumblr to see what I mean – there’s so much creativity going on behind the scenes that will probably never see any revenue, and if it does, it may go into the wrong hands.

How is the Creators publishing model changing this?

We launched Creators knowing full well about these kinds of struggles for anyone who is truly passionate about a topic and creating content surrounding it.

The central idea behind Creators is placing the power back in the hands of, well, the creatives. We’ve built a kind of self-sustaining ecosystem that empowers people to find their own audiences, strengthen their skills, and ultimately make their own profits.

The Creators Model: Fan content across all sites
The Creators Model: Fan content across all sites

The process begins and ends with the Creators themselves:

  • Creators publish quality work on our platform, and we promote it to our established communities and destination sites (like ) based on the topic.
  • Those who complete our program and become can receive a 50% share of our programmatic revenue. Those Creators get paid for their great work, and are rewarded for their creativity – just the way it should be.
  • The more content our Creators generate, the larger our community grows. This delivers an increasingly large incentive for advertisers to purchase , which in turn allows us to compensate our Creators.

What really makes the Creators publishing model unique is this incentive for people to invest in their own success by doing what they do best. The potential to monetize originality and creativity is something that we’ve lost touch with in the digital age, but our Creators community is proving that it’s not out of reach.

We’re constantly striving to improve the Creators experience, because we genuinely believe in the power of our fan-driven publishing ecosystem. Have any questions or thoughts? Let your ideas fly in the comments below!


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