The ‘Deadpool’ Crew Explains How They Created This One Aspect Of Colossus You Never Thought About

While it took some horrific and torturous experiments to bring the character of Deadpool out of Wade Wilson, a recently released featurette shows that bringing the character of Colossus to life wasn’t so easy either!In an earlier article we discovered how it took five actors to bring Colossus to life, and now a new video released to celebrate Deadpool on DVD and Blu-Ray has shown how there was a whole team dedicated to Colossus’ metallic reflections!How amazing is that?! Talk a long process, but I think Deadpool fans will agree that all the effort that was put into Colossus was well worth it, because he looked amazing.Deadpool is now available to own on DVD or Blu-Ray.Will you be purchasing Deadpool?Source: