The End Of Supernatural? Facts That Offer A Very Hard Truth for Season 12.


The aftermath of the season 11 titled “We Happy Few” has left some serious questions as to where things will go when season 12 kicks off next year. The story so far has left Sam and Dean Winchester backed in a horrible corner by Amara’s actions against her brother. Also, a surprise move behind the scenes made after the show also lends to the theory that maybe season 12 of Supernatural will be the last for this legendary show. Let’s talk about where things are left, and get to the bottom of this.

The big fight happened, and even though it certainly wasn’t fair, round 1 most definitely went to Amara. She took the best shot Rowena and the witches could throw, survived a second heavenly smiting, a head on demon attack led by Crowley, and a stab in the gut by Lucifer. Chuck Almighty thought he had his sister on the ropes and let down his guard long enough for Amara to counter attack and lay the supreme smack down unlike no other on the Good Lord and his favorite son

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