The First ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Poster Is Here – And His Stark-Tech Webshooters Are Kind Of Incredible

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has had great success so far and it’s showing no signs of stopping as four of its films are hitting a theater near you in the span of a year. One of their most talked-about projects has been Spider-Man: Homecoming, fruit of a partnership between Marvel Studios and Sony, which will be Spidey’s first film in the MCU.

The movie hits theaters on July 7, 2017, less than a year from now, but, aside from a Comic-Con sizzle reel and several behind the scenes videos, we haven’t gotten much when it comes to official promotional material for the film…until now. User recently posted an Instagram story while walking through MAGIC Las Vegas where they spotted the very first poster for Spider-Man: Homecoming. Check it out:

Let me get this out of the way: The poster looks magnificent, modeled like a classic Spider-Man comic book cover. It just increases my impatience to see the film! While it has been pointed out that this might simply be a promotional image for tie-in apparel, either way, this tweet from a Tom Holland fan account in Brazil shows it in even better quality:

The image is undoubtedly our best look at MCU’s Spidey yet, even counting his appearance in Civil War. So, what does this new, high-res, close-up look at Spider-Man reveal about his technologically-advanced suit?

Spider-Man’s Boots

The boots
The boots

Very evident from this close-up is that – even if the suit is considerably more high-tech than the classic Spider-Man costume – the motifs are still there. Mainly, the web pattern in the boots. While the webs are more spaced out and the black lines at the top of the boots are a bit distracting, I am glad they are more noticeable, because, when watching Civil War, I was a bit disappointed thinking they were straight red.

Now I’m glad to know that’s not the case and that, even though they look much more modern than what we’ve previously seen, you can instantly recognize them as Spidey’s footwear.

Spider-Man’s Upgraded Webshooters

The webshooters
The webshooters

His web-shooters are the standout to me. They are much more noticeable than previous incarnations of the gadgets, where they were shown to be beneath the costume and thin enough to not be noticed. These ones wrap around his forearms near his elbows, then run to the cartridges at his wrists, ending in the triggers in each of his palms – more like streamlined gauntlets than the older versions of webshooters that we’ve seen.

Spider-Man’s Dilating Lenses

I’ve heard plenty of times from different people how this version of Spider-Man was a closely based on Steve Ditko’s version of the character — Alex Ross’ version, too. Watching Civil War, I didn’t quite see the resemblance but I can’t deny I see it in the poster.

This change of perspective comes courtesy of the mobile goggles. What I’m hoping we’ll get to see in Homecoming and his future appearance in the MCU is that, by taking advantage of the mobile eyes, we get to see different versions of the mask, adapting some of the most well-known interpretations of it from the comic books.

Alex Ross' version of Spider-Man's mask

Alex Ross’ version of Spider-Man’s mask

There you have it. The first poster for Spider-Man: Homecoming is here. I don’t know about you but this makes the movie seem much closer than I previously thought. In fact, I’m surprised that we are less than a year away from watching his first solo film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — and with the first cinematic appearance of The Vulture.

What is your favorite cinematic Spidey costume?


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