The Flash & Captain Boomerang To Meet Again After Ezra Miller’s ‘Suicide Squad’ Cameo

This morning the news broke that The Flash, as played with frenetic super-talkativity by Ezra Miller, . That’s music to the ears of fans of Central City’s finest who thought they’d have to wait well over a year to see The Flash bring some millennial energy to the DCEU in Justice League, after in quite some style at Comic-Con.

The official Suicide Squad cast list (presented in order of appearance) places Captain Boomerang directly above The Flash, essentially confirming that, as Amanda Waller assembles her Task Force X of metahumans and bad guys, we’ll be treated to a flashback detailing exactly how Digger Harkness wound up in Belle Reve.

Boomerang has a long history in DC Comics.
Boomerang has a long history in DC Comics.

Although clearly an important piece of the Suicide Squad puzzle, the real reason this news is significant is that it seems to suggest the DCEU will closely mirror DC Comics by making The Flash a recurring presence in the life of Captain Boomerang. In the comics (debuting in The Flash #117), Boomerang actually began life as a somewhat sympathetic villain, with a backstory involving a difficult childhood with an abusive stepfather.

In a less-than-shocking turn of events, though, it transpired that he was not the most exciting thing ever to appear on the pages of DC Comics, and the writers soon decided to mold his unique ability into something that would allow Boomerang to create more serious havoc in Central City. As a hardened criminal, Harkness soon became one of The Flash’s primary antagonists, and in the process .

Boomerang print: Very in-vogue. (DC Comics)
Boomerang print: Very in-vogue. (DC Comics)

The enmity between Scarlet Speedster and Aussie bad guy would go on to span several decades, and Boomerang later fathered a child, Owen Mercer, who suffered a few daddy issues of his own. Just as they began patching up their troubled relationship, Jack Drake (father of Tim Drake’s Robin) and Harkness kill each other, and Owen decides to adopt the Captain Boomerang mantle to avenge his father.

Obviously, there’s a good chance much of this backstory won’t even be alluded to in Suicide Squad, but the decision to respect the character’s origins by having Ezra Miller’s Flash be the one to cart Boomerang to Belle Reve certainly alludes to the possibility that the Captain will have a role to play in The Flash when that movie eventually arrives.

That could play out one of several ways: Perhaps Boomerang goes rogue, escaping at the close of the mission and moving underground before Amanda Waller can put him back behind bars with Harley Quinn and the rest of the squad. Near the beginning of the movie Boomerang persuades Slipknot to make an escape, which will almost certainly be the move that gets him killed – and that might dissuade Boomerang from following suit until the mission is over. That doesn’t account for the minor problem of the Wayne Industries bomb implanted in his neck, though.

Alternatively, perhaps the DCEU will pay ultimate homage to the comics by introducing a teenage Owen Mercer and having him avenge his father’s imprisonment by bringing the heat to Central City in The Flash.

Either way, the 66-year rivalry between speedy hero and Bogan bad guy is far from over — in fact, Suicide Squad is just the beginning. Amanda Waller’s Task Force X hit theaters August 5, with The Flash presumably to follow in 2018.

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