The Flash Confirmed For ‘Suicide Squad’: What Role Could He Play?

Everybody already knew that Batman would be making an appearance in the upcoming Suicide Squad film, but what we didn’t know is that Barry Allen and his crime-fighting alter-ego The Flash will also be making an appearance.

, we finally got a look at Ezra Miller in action in the released at Comic-Con. Following this revelation, fans began speculating about due to his rogue Captain Boomerang being one of the members of the deadly team.

According to the official cast list, Ezra Miller is slated to make an appearance. What is perhaps even more noteworthy is that the cast is listed in order of appearance and Miller is listed directly under Jai Courtney, who plays Flash nemesis Captain Boomerang.

The final cast list for "Suicide Squad."
The final cast list for “Suicide Squad.”

There are many possible reasons for The Flash to appear in Suicide Squad — remember he did make a cameo in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, so perhaps he will be appearing in several of the DCEU films before his upcoming solo outing. However, we think there is more to it than just another appearance, so with that in mind, let’s take a look at the possible reasons as to why The Flash will be appearing in Suicide Squad and why his appearance is directly linked to Captain Boomerang.

History Between The Flash And Captain Boomerang

Old enemies — The Flash and Harkness.

Old enemies — The Flash and Harkness.

Captain Boomerang — or Digger Harkness — is an arch nemesis of The Flash having . Harkness was the illegitimate son of an American soldier and an Australian woman. He was raised by his mother in a land full of poverty but was extremely skilled at making boomerangs. He was eventually hired as a performer and he developed the Captain Boomerang persona. Unfortunately, the audiences didn’t like Harkness and so, feeling upset, he turned to using his boomerangs for crime.

The Flash intercepted his crimes and caught Harkness red-handed. On one occasion, he came close to killing the Flash. Over time, Harkness altered his boomerangs to become even more deadly than they already were and became a member of the Rogues — a villainous group who opposed the Flash.

The Flash saves Arrow from Captain Boomerang.

The rivalry between The Flash and Harkness was also demonstrated during The CW crossover event when Arrow met The Flash. As you can see, the pair have a heated history, so the fact that Ezra Miller and Jai Courtney are listed together in the cast list can’t be a coincidence — The Flash’s appearance must be directly linked to Harkness.

Capturing Captain Boomerang

Ezra Miller as The Flash.
Ezra Miller as The Flash.

There is a scene in the Suicide Squad trailer above where Harkness is brought into the prison grounds in a bag — when he is released from his confines he is still dressed in civilian clothing which leads us to believe that this is him arriving in the prison grounds.

If this is so, then it’s likely that Miller’s appearance in the film will see The Flash involved in Harkness’s original arrest and capture before Harkness is offered to be a team member of the Suicide Squad.

Moreover, there is to support this claim — in a new trailer for Suicide Squad which was also released at Comic-Con, we see Captain Boomerang attempting to rob a bank. Moments later he is struck by blue lightning. This lightning bears an extraordinary resemblance to the lighting that we see from Ezra Miler’s Flash in the Justice League trailer.

Setting Up A Future Rivalry

Jai Courtenay as Captain Boomerang.

Jai Courtenay as Captain Boomerang.

The Flash may only be making a cameo appearance in Suicide Squad, but remember that we will see these characters again in future DCEU films, so perhaps Miller’s appearance in the film is nothing more than to set up the rivalry between Harkness and The Flash.

Miller will have his own Flash film in a couple of years, and it’s more than likely that Harkness will be featured in that, so Miller’s appearance in Suicide Squad could be a foreshadowing — allowing the viewers to become aware of the evident animosity between the two, hinting at what may lie ahead in a future film.

There’s little more we can do than speculate, but from the evidence that we’ve been given, I think it’s safe to say that The Flash’s appearance in Suicide Squad will definitely be linked to his arch nemesis Captain Boomerang. Whether or not the Flash will be well established in the DCEU has yet to be seen, but it looks like Captain Boomerang could be in for some serious speedster trouble.

What do you think Ezra Miller’s appearance in Suicide Squad will mean? Tell me in the comment section below!

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