‘The Flash’: Everything You Need to Know About Jesse Quick

Many fans of The Flash were very excited to hear for Season 3. Actress Violett Beane confirmed the news in an interview with TVLine.

Welcome Back Jesse! (via The CW)

In The Flash, Jesse Quick is known as the strong-minded, kind-hearted daughter of Harry (Earth-2 Harrison Wells). However, her comic-book counterpart is a little different. Created back in 1992, the character has since been involved in some major DC storylines. Thus, as we eagerly anticipate the return of Violett Beane on The Flash as Jesse Quick, what better time to get to know the comic book character a little better? Here is everything you need to know about Jesse Quick.

Jesse’s Parents Were Superheroes

Super-Parents: Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle (via DC Comics)
Super-Parents: Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle (via DC Comics)

Looks like superheroism runs in the Quick family (see what I did there?!). In DC Comics, Jesse Chambers was the daughter of superheroes Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle. Both of said characters were staples of the Golden Age of comics.

This clearly differs from Jesse’s parentage on The Flash as she is the daughter of Earth-2 Harrison Wells. However, remember Earth-1 Wells turned out to be Reverse-Flash, could we see something similar happen regarding Jesse’s parents? So don’t be too shocked if The Flash manages to weave a surprise nod to the comics into their storytelling. And let’s not forget about the fact that we don’t even know if Earth-1 Jesse exists. So many possibilities!

Harrison Wells from Earth-2 (via the CW)

She Inherited BOTH Of Her Parents’ Powers

SuperSpeed: Jesse and her Father (via DC Comics)

SuperSpeed: Jesse and her Father (via DC Comics)

Jesse’s mother, Libby Lawrence (the original Liberty Belle) was incredibly strong, had enhanced speed and stamina. Her father, Johnny Quick was a speedster who learned a formula (3X2(9YZ)4A) which gave him his speed. Although she had her mother’s powers, Johnny taught his daughter the same formula that gave him his speed. It was a success and Jesse ended up a speedster also!

This is quite interesting as we know that Earth-2 Jesse on The Flash got hit with the wave of dark matter and assumed she would ultimately end up with super speed (give it time) but wouldn’t it be really cool if she also had Liberty Belle-like superpowers also? I know she has different parents in The Flash but just how much do we know about her mother in the TV show? Food for thought.

Either way, the comic book Jesse Quick was certainly blessed with superpowers!

She Originally Decided NOT To Fight Crime

Comparison: Beane and the comic Jesse (via the CW and DC Comics)

Comparison: Beane and the comic Jesse (via the CW and DC Comics)

As we see with many metahumans on The Flash, the comic book iteration of Jesse did not want to become a crimefighter. Despite being blessed with her mother’s powers and gaining father’s speed, Jesse instead opted to continue her studies instead. She would end up studying at Gotham University and began learning about the recently re-emerged Justice Society of America. But it wouldn’t be long before she would team up with her father, the JSA and the Flash(es) to fight crime.

On an interesting note, this is quite like the Jesse from The Flash who also appeared to be quite studious. Some of the similarities are already there.

She Had Quite The Uneasy History with Wally West

It's complicated: Jesse and the Flash (via DC Comics)

It’s complicated: Jesse and the Flash (via DC Comics)

After watching The Flash TV series, I imagine your initial reaction to this statement would be one of disbelief. I find it quite incredible too. Despite it looking like these two might become The Flash‘s next big relationship, their comic-book history is a little less fun and a little more chequered.

Jesse and Wally in 'The Flash' (via the CW)
Jesse and Wally in ‘The Flash’ (via the CW)

In the comics, Wally West (the third Flash) inadvertently ends up manipulating Jesse Chambers. After she finally takes up the mantle of Jesse Quick and becomes a crime-fighting speedster, West asks her to become his replacement should anything happen to him. However, said request was part of a rouse in order to get Impulse (Bart Allen) to take his role as Impulse (and Flash’s successor) more seriously. Jesse became quite bitter at the betrayal and accused Wally of being a “puppeteer”. However, she did end up saving his life afterwards but also injured her leg in the process. West would go on to heal her leg after returning from the Speed Force. She subsequently lost her speed but eventually regained it thanks to help from West.

Talk about a back and forth relationship!

Her Father Sacrificed Himself to Save Her

Johnny Quick and The Flash (via DC Comics)
Johnny Quick and The Flash (via DC Comics)

Unfortunately, like many comic book superheroes, Jesse has also experienced her fair share of tragedy. During the battle with Savitar to regain her speed, her father Johnny Quick ultimately sacrificed himself to the Speed Force in order to protect Jesse from one of Savitar’s forces.

She Has Been a Member of Many DC Factions

Jesse in the comics (via DC Comics)
Jesse in the comics (via DC Comics)

Jesse Quick certainly gets around. Throughout her 24 years of comic-book history, she has been a member of many illustrious DC superhero factions and teams. Since 1992, Jesse has at one point or another, been a member of the Teen Titans, Justice Society of America, The Conglomerate and even the Justice League!

Not bad for someone who originally didn’t eve want to become a crimefighter, huh?

She Carried On Her Mother’s Legacy

Legendary: Jesse as Liberty Belle (via DC Comics)

Legendary: Jesse as Liberty Belle (via DC Comics)

Jesse Chambers may be well-renowned for becoming the superhero speedster Jesse Quick, but did you know that she also honoured her mother’s legacy by becoming the second Liberty Belle? As she inherited her mother’s super strength, stamina and speed (doubled up with her father’s superspeed), it totally makes sense that she would want to carry on her mother’s legacy – she was well capable of it!

Although, it is unknown if she could reach the same heights of power that her mother could – we don’t know if she can utilize her mother’s subsonic bursts – it is still really cool that she became Liberty Belle. Furthermore, it is without a doubt, the ultimate tribute to her heroic mother.

She Marries Rick Tyler

In Love: Jesse and Rick Tyler (via DC Comics)
In Love: Jesse and Rick Tyler (via DC Comics)

Yes ladies and gentlemen, in the comics Jesse Quick is married to Hourman. And no, it’s not the same Hourman that Patrick J. Adams is portraying on Legends of Tomorrow – that’s Rex Tyler (the original Hourman and Rick’s father). Thus, with Jesse in the mantle of Liberty Belle and Tyler in the mantle of Hourman, both of the happily married couple are second-generation superheroes.

Despite being on two separate disbanded factions of the JSA, they remained happily married and Jesse eventually becomes pregnant with Rick’s child. Good for them!

So there are some of the most important facts about the comic book version of Jesse Quick. Yes, she may differ greatly from the version in The Flash but let’s not forget that the series has an incredible tendency to retell some of our most favourite stories in their own unique way (Flashpoint anyone?) and thus, I wouldn’t be surprised if some more key characteristics of the comic-book Jesse Quick ended up on the show.

We Can’t Wait for Her Return! (via the CW)

Either way, Violett Beane is amazing as the character and I can’t wait to see her return!

Are you excited for the return of Jesse Quick? Are you a fan of the comic-book version of the character? Let us know in the comments!

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