The Force Awakened Early? Did a Song Predict the New Star Wars Film 12 Years In Advance?!

We’ve all seen the videos about movies and television shows predicting the future, such as Back To the Future II‘s Google Glass, specific mention of a black president, etc. But… how often have you ever heard of a song predicting a movie that had yet to be made? Well, that’s exactly what I’m here to tell you about. Enter “Weird” Al Yankovic, arguably one of greatest musicians (if you can call him that!) of our age.

"Weird" Al Yankovic

“Weird” Al Yankovic

Well, as it happens, back in 2004, “Weird Al” wrote a parody of the song “Lola” by the band the Kinks. Al’s parody was dedicated to the original proponent of “It ain’t easy being green”. Yep, I’m talking about a certain Muppet.

No, Kermit. Not you.

No, Kermit. Not you.

That’s right, I mean this little guy…

"Been in The Muppet Christmas Carol I should have."

“Been in The Muppet Christmas Carol I should have.”

The song, appropriately titled “Yoda” is narrated by Luke Skywalker, who tells how he first met the pointy-eared little green man and what he learned from him.

Including piggybacking on padawans, apparently.

Including piggybacking on padawans, apparently.

But back to the future prediction. There’s a line in the song that directly points to Episode VII, which was not filmed until twelve years after the song’s release. The line in question reads, “But I know that I’ll be coming back someday. I’ll be playing this part till I’m old and gray! The long-term contract I had to sign said I’ll be making these movies till the end of time!”Here’s the original song if you want to watch it for yourself! (The line quoted above comes at the 2:40 second mark!)

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