The Good Neighbor

Trailer for The Good Neighbor, starring James Caan, Logan Miller and Keir Gilchrist.

In The Good Neighbor, a pair of mischievous high school kids (Keir Gilchrist and Logan Miller) create the illusion of a haunting on an unsuspecting neighbor (James Caan). While keeping his every reaction under surveillance, they see much more than they bargained for.The thriller was initially released under the title The Waiting, and premiered at the . Though the film as a whole got mixed reviews at best, Michael Caine’s “understated” performance did receive quite a bit of praise.

A few months after the premiere of The Waiting at SXSW, Vertical Entertainment finally swept in to not only pick the film up for distribution, but also change its name to what it is today, The Good Neighbor.

The trailer for The Good Neighbor kicks off on a strong note, with a court case acknowledging “The Haunting Project.” What sounds more like a prank, a couple kids from next door decide to torture a hermit neighbor by having him believe that his house is haunted. I know, it sounds terrible

Queue the title card “They Had No Idea What Would Happen,” and we’re teased with a story that likely his a few twists along the way. Especially since our tormented hermit seems to have some sort of troubled past, leading to the question: What’s in the basement?

Shit soon hits the fan, bringing us back to the courtroom with Sean (Keir Gilchrist), who looks to be the only surviving member of this “experiment.” The reviews might have been mediocre for The Good Neighbor, the trailer does a helluva job presenting what looks to be one suspenseful ride. Expect a limited release, so here’s hoping the film pops up in the Netflix library.
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