The ‘Jeepers Creepers’ Song: All You Need To Know About The Horror Movie Classic

Every horror fan who loves knows the Jeepers Creepers song, so let’s hope it reappears in !. The little ditty asking ”Where’d ya get those peepers?” is used to chilling effect in the movie, as it warns when approaches. As psychic Jezelle Gay Hartman warns Darry and Trish in the :

“When you hear that song you run, and I mean run! ‘Cause that song means something terrible for you, something so terrible you couldn’t dream of it…not in your worst most terrible nightmare!”

‘Jeepers Creepers’ is an old jazz standard from 1938, but the version that features in the Jeepers Creepers movie is performed by Paul Whiteman and his Swing Wing. It goes a li’l somethin’ like this…

The song was originally written by Harry Warren and Johnny Mercer for the movie Going Places (1938), in which ‘Jeepers Creepers’ is actually the name of an unruly horse who can only be calmed with that song!

Since then, it’s featured in a whole bunch of films and TV shows before finding its creepy home in Jeepers Creepers. Many jazz giants have covered the song — Billy Holiday, Ethel Waters, Count Basie, Stan Getz, Charles Mingus, Dave Brubeck and Louis Armstrong to name a few — but there have been some weirder versions…

The Jeepers Creepers song warns that the Creeper approaches... Image: United Artists
The Jeepers Creepers song warns that the Creeper approaches… Image: United Artists
  • A stark, Nico-esque spoken intro by Simone Kopmajer
  • Emile Carrera’s rendition on the accordion
  • A super Scottish version from The Scary Gang
  • A hard rock ‘Jeepers Creepers’ from Faith Taboo
  • A wild breakbeat remix from Sunka

The Jeepers Creepers Song in Popular Culture

Where'd ya get those eyes, Mr Creeper? Image: United Artists
Where’d ya get those eyes, Mr Creeper? Image: United Artists

Jeepers Creepers was not the first movie to realize the potential of this catchy song. In addition to 1938’s going places, the song appeared on screen in these movies and shows.

  • A version is sung in Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942).
  • Faye Greener sings ‘Jeepers Creepers’ to annoy her father in The Day of the Locust (1975)
  • Daffy Duck tapdanced to this song in an episode of the 1957 cartoon Show Biz Bugs. From 1:27 in the following clip.

Perhaps most memorably of all (for a certain generation, at least) Mrs Burkart sings the Jeepers Creepers song at her husband’s funeral in the Friends episode ‘The One With the Dirty Girl’ (from 0:19).

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