The Johns Effect: DC May Be Finally Fixing The Embargo Situation In The Best Possible Way

As an avid fan of DC Comics and the movies and TV series based on the characters, there has always been one specific thing that has incredibly irked me about the way Warner Brothers has been handling said characters: the embargoes.

For anyone who is confused and may be unaware of this annoying situation, here is my incredibly brief explanation of a complicated situation (I’m a poet, you know it!):

  • Unlike Marvel, DC characters all ultimately reside under one roof: Warner Brothers. Marvel’s characters have several different homes: Disney and Fox being the main ones, and though people may have forgotten, the rights to making a stand-alone Hulk movie are in the hands of Universal, and the rights to Spider-Man are still owned by Sony, but our lord and savior Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios, is to thank for Spider-Man being in the MCU.
  • Also unlike Marvel, Warner Brothers has decided that, even though they may have the power to unify their characters into one universe and take over the film industry till the end of time, they will keep their various TV universes apart from their movie universe.
  • Their original excuse was that they wanted to let the people in charge of the TV properties and the people in charge of the films have creative freedom, and, originally, many bought into that.
  • However, when the Suicide Squad seemingly disappeared from the scene in Arrow and the movie of the same was announced, some started to realize that, ultimately, all the talk of giving each side of the spectrum creative freedom was nonsense, and it did indeed seem like Warner Bros. did not care about TV fans and only wanted the movies (with the first two being critically panned and incredibly divisive among casual and avid fans alike) to succeed so that they could continue trying to catch the level of fame and success of the MCU.

Though it may have seemed like a lot, in truth, there is much more to this whole fiasco than meets the eye. The last part is what has irked me so much for the past year, but it does seem like some major things have been changing, and more is about to change. And where does all this change come from? The man, the myth, the legend: Geoff Johns (It’s pronounced “Jeff”,by the way).

And the majority of y’all may ask: Who?

The man, the myth, the legend! Our lord and savior

The man, the myth, the legend! Our lord and savior

Geoff Johns is one of the most prolific writers in comic book history. He has written many classic stories for DC, as well as a bunch for Marvel as well. His popular works include (but are not limited to):

  • Blackest Night & Brightest Day
  • Infinite Crisis
  • Flashpoint
  • All his freaking JSA runs
  • DC Rebirth

He’s had a hand in pretty much every great event since the beginning of the 2000s (and some bad, yeah, I’m looking at you New 52), he’s done so much for the CW’s superhero shows, he just breathed new life into the DC Comics universe with the so far fantastic DC Rebirth initiative, and he just recently got put in charge of DC’s film franchises, making him the most influential person in DC history in decades. He’s literally got the entire DC universe in his hands, and with a track record like his, I’m 100% certain that he is going to make DC films better in every possible way.

Geoff Johns has said that he wants to make the DCEU (the DC Extended Universe, a.k.a the DC equivalent to the MCU) full of hope and optimism, and it seems like he’s working hard to do for the movie and TV show fans what he’s done for comic fans: giving the fans what they want. And guess what? Just like the title suggests, we are already seeing the results of that at this very moment.

The CW Universe Is Being Cranked Up To 11

During the same time period that we found out Geoff Johns was put in charge of DC Films (a movie division that will be to Warner Brothers much like Marvel Studios is to Disney, officially making him basically the equivalent to Marvel’s Kevin Feige, our lord and savior), it was announced that Supergirl, an originally controversial but now popular (former) CBS TV show starring Melissa Benoist as the title character, would be moving to CW, joining the likes of The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow.

Not only that, but we will be getting a four-way crossover much like the Flash/Arrow crossovers of the last two years. Supergirl on Monday, The Flash on Tuesday, Arrow Wednesday and Legends of Tomorrow on Thursday will all cross over on the week before fall finales.

And not only that, but there have recently been some rumors (found by ) that definitely imply that DC is finally keeping their promise to give their TV showrunners true creative freedom. What do these rumors entail?

BOTH Batwoman (Kathy Kane) And Barbara Gordon (Presumably As Oracle) Are Coming To Supergirl Season 2



Right from the get-go this implies two major things: if this is true, the Batfamily must definitely exist within the CW verse, Teen Titans CAN work now as all Robins (one being Nightwing) involved supposedly can be used, and we might get our own TV Batman that isn’t named Green Arrow.

For those of you who don’t know, Fox owns the TV rights to Batman (that’s why we got Gotham), and that is part of the reason why he has not appeared on other live-action DC shows (the other part of the reason being the embargo hypocrisy fiasco). If this rumor ends up being true, this is HUGE, as that means that there are major deals going on right now regarding the TV rights to the Batfamily and rogues gallery, and, not only is Superman coming to Supergirl next season, but the possibility of a live-action Batman on TV is actually possible due to Geoff Johns, our lord and savior, taking the reigns and doing everything in his power to redeem the DCEU and go further with the incredible lineup of TV shows they have got on the CW.

However, by this point most of y’all are pointing out the elephant in the room:

Yes, I Know: Supergirl Is Not In The Same Universe As The Flash

Oh yah gotta love it.

Oh yah gotta love it.

As many of you must have been thinking, I did seem to gloss over the fact that Supergirl and all her friends don’t actually exist in the “Flarrowverse”. But, of course, there are plenty of easy ways to get over that hurdle like the fact that Supergirl just moved to The CW and the “Flashpoint” adaptation that we’ll be getting in Season 3 of…well, The Flash is definitely one primed to bring cataclysmic change to all corners of the Flarrowverse and beyond. Regardless of what route their choose, one thing is for certain: Geoff Johns is doing to the DC media properties what he has done for the comics by simply listening to the real fans and blocking out the trolls.

Wrapping Up…

I love DC comics so much. , I don’t think there is any way I can convince you any further. I’m so happy that w e are finally seeing a fully-fledged live-action TV DC universe in the making like we fans have always wanted. This is what they were holding back from us, but now I believe that Geoff is doing something truly special. To fans like me, this is something on the level of the X-Men coming to the MCU (which now seems more possible than ever….more on that in the future), something on the level of Spider-Man finally interacting with the Avengers like we have desperately wanted. This is something special, something that shows that many of the people working to put these things out are fans just like us.


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