The Lego Batman Movie

Trailer for The Lego Batman Movie that was released during 2016 San Diego Comic Con.

Sequel is a spin-off of centering on the character of Batman.Fans of Arrested Development might have quickly noticed some er, six degrees of separation here. While Will Arnett voices Batman, Michael Cera joined on to antagonize him as Robin.

Turns out that Ralph Fiennes, besides being the third British Academy Award nominee to play the role of Alfred Pennyworth, has quite a bit of voicework experience. The actor can next be er, heard in the stop motion animation .

The trailer for The Lego Batman Movie out of San Diego Comic Con is all about introducing Michael Cera as Dick Grayson, aka Robin. Sure, the preview starts with Batman and ends with Batman, but Robin fills out the interior meat.

What we learn is that Bruce Wayne is a loner, and Alfred Pennyworth — a perfect sounding Ralph Fiennes — has grown worried about his lack of a social life. And not just him, as it looks like Bruce has forgotten that he adopted a son some time ago. In comes Robin, which opens up the door for the animated spoof to provide their own origin story.

Sure, it’s bound to lack any depth, but does provide another character arc as we see Batman slowly become responsible for Robin.

Bring on the visuals and Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow”, a song the couldn’t be more perfect.
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