The Magnificent Seven

Trailer for The Magnificent Seven that was released to international markets.

Trailer uses the same cover song as the teaser trailer, but features never before seen footage from the film as it works to introduce the Western’s ensemble cast.If you had to play six degrees of separation, in pairs, you could find a way to link this Western with Jurassic World. Can you figure out the pair? Feel free to post in the comments.

The Magnificent Seven International Trailer Screencap
Like the teaser trailers before it, MGM was sure to release both a and international trailer for The Magnificent Seven, leaving us to decide which one we like better. When it came to the teaser trailers, I found that the international trailer was a leg up on the domestic one, and the same seems to hold true once again. Though the preview above is shorter, it packs in the action, footage, tight dialogue, and the great “House of the Rising Sun” cover song we got to hear in the teasers.

The only real similarity between the two is the one to seven countdown that quickly introduces audiences to our band of heroic misfits.

I can go on and evaluate the differences in versions, but in the end both trailers do exactly what they are supposed to, as we now cannot wait for September.
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