The Mid-Credits Scene From ‘Suicide Squad’ Reveals Far More About The Sequel Than You Realise

Any superhero movie that involves handing out was always going to create some buzz, but now that Suicide Squad has been officially released, David Ayer’s super villain ensemble is hitting the headlines for all of the wrong reasons.

[Via Warner Bros.]

While the critics tend to agree that , reports of rushed editing, and have hampered Warner Bros. latest release, .

Whether you’re feeling disheartened or not about the online response to Suicide Squad, you still need to rush out and catch to see a mid-credits scene that’s more than worth sticking around for.

What Happens In The Mid-Credits Scene?

Batman's taking some serious sass [Via Warner Bros.]

Batman’s taking some serious sass [Via Warner Bros.]

While we hoped to see , perhaps even setting up , the clip instead revolved around Batman and Amanda Waller, hinting at the future of the DCEU at large.

We Got This Covered revealed the specifics of this encounter between the pair in a post understandably filled with spoilers, but if you want to save yourself a ticket and find out what happens, read on dear friends. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The scene has Bruce Wayne talking to Amanda Waller in her office, getting dossier files on the members of the Justice League he’s trying to round up in exchange for using his influence to help cover up the damage to the city that the Suicide Squad causes while going after Enchantress. They both have dirt on each other, though. When he leaves, he makes a crack about friendship. She says, “I don’t believe in friendship, I believe in leverage.” He looks at her and she follows, “You look tired. You should stop working nights.” He replied, “If you don’t shut it down someone will do it for you,” or something to that effect, and then leaves.

How Does This Mid-Credits Scene Set Up Justice League?

[Via Warner Bros.]
[Via Warner Bros.]

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ended with Bruce Wayne enlisting Wonder Woman’s help to unite the seven, forming a team powerful enough to stop threats like Doomsday in the wake of Superman’s death.

Brief video clips on Lex Luthor’s computer of future Leaguers like Aquaman and the Flash began to reveal the direction that the DCEU would take. This mid credits sequence for Suicide Squad builds on that, showing Batman actively doing whatever it takes to make the Justice League a reality.

While it’s interesting to see this new version of Bruce Wayne use his money and influence to get what he wants, this apparent focus on the Justice League detracts from what this mid-credits sequence is really about.

What Does This Mid-Credits Sequence Reveal About Suicide Squad 2?

[Via Warner Bros.]

[Via Warner Bros.]

It’s important that Warner Bros. hypes up the release of Justice League, as the success of this film could make or break the DCEU. But if you read between the lines, the exchange between Batman and Amanda Waller provides far more important clues about what could happen in Suicide Squad 2.

While they don’t say it out loud, two things are made abundantly clear.

  • Waller knows who Batman really is.
  • Batman will do everything in his power to stop Waller from forming another Suicide Squad.

As Ayer’s already confirmed that he’s returning for a sequel that will star Will Smith as , we know for a fact that the Squad will be reformed in the future, which will undoubtedly ruffle Batman’s feathers after he specifically warned Waller about this.

What About Batman’s Solo Film?

[Via Warner Bros.]

[Via Warner Bros.]

It would make more sense to follow up with these ideas in Suicide Squad 2, but there’s a chance that Warner Bros. could hold out for Batman’s next solo film instead, developing another crossover akin to Zack Snyder’s last movie. The petition for Batman v Suicide Squad: Dawn of Injustice starts here, folks.

Whatever happens though, it’s unlikely that Suicide Squad’s negative reception will stall Warner Bros. plans for long. After all, trailers for both and , premiered at SDCC last week to an overwhelmingly positive response, creating exactly the kind of hype that DC needs right now.

If you feel like things aren’t going so well for Warner Bros. these days, try to bear in mind that the studio has gone through far worse in the past and still came through the other side in tact. Don’t believe us? We have two words for you. George. Clooney.

Will you still go see Suicide Squad in light of all the disappointing reviews?



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