The New Trailer Of ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Next To The Original Shows It’s A Tale As Old As Time

The New Trailer Of ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Next To The Original Shows It’s A Tale As Old As Time by Elise Jost , May 25th, 2016 at 8:50am Share on Facebook Share to TwitterThe highly anticipated trailer for Disney’s live-action adaptation of The Beauty and the Beast finally dropped on May 23, and already broke all sorts of records by surpassing the number of views of the teaser trailer for The Force Awakens on YouTube.As with all adaptations of a classic, it’s a fine line between simply imitating the original material and straying too far away from it, but a side-by-side of the teaser trailer with the animated movie shows that next year’s Beauty and the Beast is as faithful to the original as it feels exciting and new.Brandon Swofford , a member of our own Creators program, compiled an awesome video that shows just how many details the live-action version has kept from the animation movie, and how timeless the story is.See The Old And The New Side-By-Side!’Beauty and the Beast’ / DisneyThe castle looks gorgeous, obviously.’Beauty and the Beast’ / DisneyWe get the same ominous zoom-in on the towers.’Beauty and the Beast’ / DisneyThen, of course, come the chandeliers. But where’s Lumière?’Beauty and the Beast’ / DisneyThe live-action version only shows a quick shot of the balcony, but the castle is clearly recognizable.’Beauty and the Beast’ / DisneyThe art, while different, indicates in both versions there’s a story hidden in the paintings.’Beauty and the Beast’ / DisneySpeaking of paintings, we get a good look at the Beast’s young human face… just before he rips through the canvas with his claws.’Beauty and the Beast’ / DisneyBelle’s arrival is also reminiscent of the animation, with a giant door slowly creaking open.’Beauty and the Beast’ / DisneyThe new rose is even more enticing.’Beauty and the Beast’ / DisneyAnd finally, Belle is as charming as always.Watch the full side-by-side here:If you’re craving more Beauty and the Beast , you can read about the full cast here and find a breakdown of the trailer here . For more entertainment news and Disney mashups, don’t forget to check out Brandon Swofford’s Facebook page and Creators profile !Source: Brandon Swofford