The ‘Outcast’ By Kirkman Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Gets All Possessive In Screamy Trailer

Another chilling trailer for Walking Dead creator’s new show Outcast dropped yesterday. But this one has some freaking EXORCISMS and LEVITATING!Watch the insane trailer: The trailer, which premiered on Entertainment Weekly, stokes hype for the new Cinemax season, based on the comic by Robert Kirkman, which is due to air on Fox next month.The clues are more scary, atmospheric imagery than anything tangible. The stylish shots include skewed camera angles, a shot of Chief Giles (Reg E. Cathey), Kyle being mean to someone, silhouettes, blood, creepy stuff being creepy and screaming.

Strobe-y: 'Outcast'

Strobe-y: ‘Outcast’

The story of Outcast follows troubled young man Kyle Barnes (Patrick Fugit) as he struggles to come to terms with his demonic possession. He is the “outcast,” duh.Kyle teams up with a reverend (Philip Glenister) and they go hand-in-hand down the screamy exorcism road together.

Exorcisms have a long and eerie history with horror. Ever since The Exorcist graced (or disgraced) cinemas in 1973, the genre has constantly returned to the religious inner demon, like a puppy going home. Audiences have already been shocked in an Outcast preview by a scene of a boy getting the living shit smashed out of his poor head.

Kirkman wrote about its relationship with the comics in an open letter last year:

Kyle is ready. As he says in the trailer: Catch up with the trailer from New York Comic-Con From Last Month:Outcast will premiere on June 3, 2016

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