The People Behind the Tusks: A Who’s Who of Warcraft’s Cast

The fantasy epic Warcraft, based on Blizzard’s popular Warcraft franchise of games, is set to hit screens this Friday. , Warcraft looks set to be one of the biggest summer success worldwide. Sometimes in all the hype of blockbusters, we forget to remember the people responsible for bringing these larger than life characters to life. Some of these actors are extremely well known, others are relative newcomers to the world of movie making, yet whatever the case, the characters they are portraying are quite unlike any we’ve seen before. So let’s remove the impressive make-up and stunning CGI and learn about the people themselves.


One of the most interesting aspects of the film is that it pits humans against orcs in a bid to see who will be able to live in peace. On the human side of the coin, we have the Alliance.

King Lane – Dominic Cooper

“King Llane I of the House of Wrynn was the ruler of the Kingdom.” (All character description courtesy )

Dominic Cooper is one of the larger names on this list, having over 50 acting credits to his name. He is famous for his role within the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Iron Man’s dad, Howard Stark. Currently, Cooper is gaining even more popularity with his new television show Preacher. Cooper portrays the main character in the series named Jesse Custer.

Lady Taria – Ruth Negga

“[Lady Taria is] the Queen of the Kingdom of Azeroth when the orcs first attacked.& the wife of King Llane Wrynn I”

Ruth Negga is another star of the new show Preacher alongside Dominic Cooper. Also like her co-star, Ruth also has a stake in the MCU, though hers is a much darker route than Howard Stark. In the ABC show, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Negga played the evil Inhuman, Raina. You might not recognize the actress by name, but her acting resume includes a rather impressive list of television shows and mini-series.

Anduin Lothar – Travis Fimmel

“Sir Anduin Lothar, the Lion of Azeroth, was the last true descendant of the ancient Arathi bloodline, a knight champion of the Kingdom of Azeroth. He is considered one of the greatest warriors of all time.”

Playing the daring knight is Australian actor Travis Fimmel. Fimmel is no stranger to swordplay, having played the Viking Ragnar Lothbrok on the hit television show Vikings. He’s also starred alongside Oscar-wining actor Matthew McConaughey in Surfer Dude and 80’s heartthrob Patrick Swayze in AE’s The Beast.

Medivh – Ben Foster

“Medivh is widely known in the Warcraft universe as the Last Guardian of Tirisfal, an ancient line of protectors with great powers to do battle against the Burning Legion.”

Ben Foster has appeared in a diverse field of movies. From superhero flicks like The Punisher and X-Men: The Last Stand to the Oscar nominated film Lone Survivor, Foster has proved time and time again he has the chops to play a wide variety of characters.

Khadgar – Ben Schnetzer

“[Khadgar is a] gifted wizard was accepted as his apprentice by Medivh at the age of 17”

The other Ben starring in the film, Schnetzer is one of the more inexperienced actors to join the world of Warcraft. He’s had small roles in several movies and played the character of Andrew on the short lived TV show Happy Town. However, since Khadgar is such a young character, casting a young actor might prove to be a smart move.

Garona Halforcen – Paula Patton

“Garona Halforcen [is] a strong-willed orc-draenei survivor caught between the Alliance and the Horde. Believing she is half-human and half-orc, she must decide where her true loyalty lies.”

Since Garona’s loyalty lies between the two factions, and the two species, Garona could really be classified under either section. Paula has about two dozen acting credits to her name, though she is most famous for playing Jane Carter in Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol. Aside from her Mission Impossible role, Paula hasn’t had too many noteworthy roles, though perhaps Warcraft will help her cement bigger roles in the future.


On the other side of the war, we have the faction of the Orcs. These grotesque creatures actually hail from a different planet before being brought to the human’s planets by some demons.

Durotan – Toby Kebbel

“Durotan is the noble Chieftain of the Frostwolf Clan, battling to save his people and his family from extinction.”

Toby Kebbel played Victor Von Doom in last year’s Fantastic 4 and he played the villain Koba in 2014s summer blockbuster Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Clearly, Toby is no newcomer to portraying the ‘villain.’ Yet, is Durotan truly the villain in Warcraft? Or is he simply trying to do what he believes is right?

Orgrim – Rob Kazinsky

“Orgrim Doomhammer [is] a Blackrock orc who is Durotan’s best friend. Extraordinarily cunning and tactically brilliant, Orgrim is a brave warrior destined to wield the Doomhammer, a weapon of Blackrock legend.”

The English actor is best known for his role as Macklyn Warlow on True Blood. Kazinsky has few credits to his name, yet the shows he has appeared in have been rather well received.

Blackhand – Clancy Brown

“Blackhand is the Warchief of the Blackrock Clan and became the first Warchief of the Horde. His second in command is Orgrim Doomhammer.”

Clancy Brown is by far the single most accomplished actor in the entire movie. With a whopping 246 acting credits to his name, there is no way you haven’t heard his voice before. Why do I specifically mention his voice? Clancy is actually a voice actor, as opposed to a traditional actor. He has voiced some of the most iconic characters in recent memory such as Mr. Krabs in Spongebob, he’s voiced so many characters in so many shows that it would be impossible to name them all, so instead .

Gul’Dan – Daniel Wu

“[Gul’dan is a] orc Shaman that became the first Warlock, with an insatiable lust for power convinced most of the Orc clans to drink demon blood so that they would become more powerful.”

Daniel Wu is another very accomplished actor known for his roles in Europa Report, One Night in Mongkok, and Protege. He is most renowned for his work in Asian films like Mo Jing, for which he was nominated for a Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actor, and Sei Dai Tinwong, for which he won two awards for Best Director.

And that concludes are introductions. Some of these actors have cemented themselves as solid performer’s in Hollywood, while others are just now starting to find their place in the difficult industry. Nonetheless, the impressive cast, full of newcomers and seasoned veterans, will be bringing some of the most iconic characters from the Warcraft franchise to life. Which character are you most excited to see in the film? Let us know in the comments below!

Warcraft hits American theaters on Friday, June 10th