The Spoiler-Filled Flash Finale… And Why I’m More Confused Than Ever!

The Spoiler-Filled Flash Finale… And Why I’m More Confused Than Ever! by Trent Tofte , May 26th, 2016 at 7:40pm Share on Facebook Share to TwitterMAJOR SPOILERS FOR THE FLASH FINALE TO BE FOUND BEYOND THIS POINT.Still here? Then on with the article!Okay, I gotta admit. I loved that Flash finale, but at least for me, it raised more questions for me than answers. Like… how is Barry gonna undo THAT decision? Because, obviously, he’s going to. I mean he can’t exactly run back in time and convince himself not to do what he did, because, y’know, he was never a speedster to begin with now. And the reason for that is… well, science. Time travel. Something like that. Where’s The Doctor when we need him?Sorry, Barry, I’ve got bigger problems.But first, how about we recap what happened in this episode? We picked up pretty much where the previous episode left off. Zoom has just killed Henry Allen in an attempt to corrupt Barry into becoming the same kind of monster that Zoom has become. Zoom gives a very Darth Vader-esque taunt, stating that Barry is now exactly like him, and at first he seems to be correct. Barry dashes after the retreating Zoom, now with vengeance clouding his judgment, only to discover that he is not chasing Zoom at all but another time remnant. The real Zoom, recognizing Barry’s thirst for revenge, gives one last cryptic jab at his opponent before speeding off into the night: “You’re almost ready.””But only almost.”Cut to Henry Allen’s funeral where Barry is too emotionally distraught to give a eulogy for him. Joe gives a eulogy instead, stating that Henry lost many things in his life: his wife, his son, his freedom, his career, etc. because he was blamed for a crime he didn’t commit. Joe finishes that Henry’s love for others, which kept him through all of these hardships, will enable him to live on in their hearts. Finally finding his voice, Barry vows on his father’s grave to “take from Zoom what he took from you”.”I’ll make him pay, Dad.”Jump back to the Wests’ house, where Barry shares Zoom’s cryptic statement that he is “almost ready”. Iris and Barry walk outside, Barry expressing his confusion at having exited the Speed Force with a new sense of purpose and determination, only to have it snatched away by Zoom’s murder of his father. Iris attempts to comfort him, but is interrupted by the arrival of Zoom, who challenges Barry to a race to determine which of them deserves the title of “The Fastest Man Alive”. Zoom goes on to tell Barry that if he says no, Zoom will continue bumping off the important people in Barry’s life.The next morning finds us at S.T.A.R. Labs as the team discusses the potential race, a discussion which is not made any easier when Wells states that Mercury Labs is developing a “magnetar”, a device which is used for amplifying power, but can be easily altered to become a deadly weapon. Joe has a talk with Barry about Zoom and Barry says he wants do “more than kill him. I want to make him suffer.” Joe replies that he’s sorry… as we see that he’s actually apologizing for Wells shooting Barry with a tranquilizer. Barry awakens incarcerated in the Pipeline and is NOT a happy camper. Their non-speedster plan to defeat Zoom is simple: use Caitlin as a distraction while Harry and Joe temporarily immobilize him, allowing Cisco to breach him back to Earth-2. However, the plan backfires when Zoom drags Joe through the breach with him.Yup, you’ve got some company again, pal.In Zoom’s hideout, Joe’s curiosity about the “man in the iron mask” leads us to finally get some answers on exactly who the mysterious prisoner is. Zoom informs us that he first went to another Earth (Earth-3) and discovered the Flash of Earth-3. He tried stealing Flash-3’s speed to stabilize his own deteriorating condition, caused by his use of the Velocity-9, but failed, so instead brought him back to Earth-2 as a “trophy”, having been distracted by the existence of Barry. Then, Zoom reveals to us the man’s identity… sort of. He says, “I even borrowed his name: Jay Garrick.” But we still haven’t figured out who this Jay Garrick is. We jump back to S.T.A.R. Labs, where Wally and Barry have a plan to defeat Zoom. They convince Cisco to send a message to Zoom that Barry will agree to the race as long as Joe is returned safely. Zoom agrees on the condition that Joe be returned after the race. The race is on, and Barry suits up for his showdown. The two speedsters arrive at the starting line, which is indeed the magnetar, and Zoom says three ominous words to begin the race.”RUN, BARRY, RUN.”Well, the speedsters start charging the magnetar and Zoom gloats that his plan is coming to fruition, but suddenly, Barry creates a time remnant to rescue Joe, and Zoom tackles him, only to realize that he has tackled the real Barry and the time remnant is busy creating a feedback loop to disrupt the magnetar. Just as Zoom starts throwing the hissy fit to end all hissy fits, he is whisked away by a pair of less-than-ecstatic time wraiths.We then return to S.T.A.R. Labs and discover that Jay… looks exactly like Henry Allen.Only in a cooler suit.So, Jay, Wells, and Jesse all bid adieu to Earth-1, and things return to as normal as Central City can ever be. For everyone except Barry, that is. Barry confides to Iris that he feels that Zoom won, even in his defeat. She comforts him, saying they should focus on their new relationship instead of the past. Her words give Barry an idea, and he swoops back to the night his mom was killed… and stops her from being killed, causing the Flash to be erased from existence.Okay, I get all that. What I don’t get are two very important things: number 1) WHY did Barry think erasing the Flash from the timeline was a good idea? Doesn’t he realize how serious the ramifications of that are?! And, number 2) how is he going to get his powers back in time for December’s massive crossover? Because it’s not like he can just run back and convince himself not to do something stupid as per usual. He’s totally wiped the Flash from the timeline. And that’s… bad. So, my thoughts are that the crew from Legends of Tomorrow are going to have a hand in undoing what Barry just did. Or undid. Or whatever. My brain hurts. Time travel is too confusing.Thanks for your non-explanation, Doctor.What did YOU think of the Flash finale? 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