The Teaser Trailer For ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’ Just Dropped And We’re Officially (Un)Dead

Scarlett Johansson may be the new darling of action movies, with the likes of and , but she’s still got a long way to go. Milla Jovovitch is still the Queen of action movies; she’s been kicking ass and taking names since 2002 in the Resident Evil series.

3D at its finest. [Via Constantin Film]

Fourteen years have passed since Alice first kicked a zombie dog’s head in slow-motion, but fans are still undying to catch the sixth and final installment of the popular video game adaptation, appropriately titled Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

[Via Constantin Film]

[Via Constantin Film]

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We already had , but aside from a brief teaser that Jovovitch shared last week, this new trailer is our first real glimpse of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter in action and we couldn’t be more excited.

and actions fans alike, but it’s hard to deny that no one fights giant mutant zombie monsters quite like Alice. There’s already been five Resident Evil movies released to date, but for fans of the franchise, it looks like Resident Evil: The Final Chapter could be the one to beat.

Will Alice finally take down the Umbrella Corporation once and for all? Will those pesky laser webs cut up more of Alice’s friends? And will Albert Wesker manage to hold onto his sunglasses for more than five seconds this time?

Place your bets now folks [Via Constantin Film]

Place your bets now folks [Via Constantin Film]

To see how Alice’s story finally comes to an end, set up camp outside of your local cinema now ready for when Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is released on January 27, 2017. In the meantime, check out some more badass women from pop culture in this exclusive Movie Pilot video!

What’s your favorite part of the first trailer for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter?


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