The Top: Everything You Need To Know About The New Villain Of ‘The Flash’

With for certain Flash characters, it looks like Central City’s supervillain population is about to skyrocket. Season 3 of The Flash is , so the addition of these major Flash villains will most definitely increase our anticipation.

However, on an interesting note, among the potential Mirror Master and Thorn descriptions, they are also reportedly looking for a female actor to portray a Rosa Dillon.

[ROSALIND “ROSA” DILLON] Female, late 20s, open ethnicity. There’s crazy and then there’s crazy… and then there’s Rosa. A wild-eyed whirlwind of a woman, this vexing, unpredictable, mentally unstable criminal has a history of violence and a nasty habit of turning people’s worlds upside down. Open to offer only / cameo ideas as well. RECURRING GUEST STAR.

What’s interesting here is that from the similar name and the description, Rosa Dillon could be a potential female version of the DC Comics villain the Top. Top, real name Roscoe Dillon, is one of the Flash’s most renowned arch enemies. If you haven’t read the comic books and don’t know what to expect from the character, let’s get to know him — or perhaps her — a little better. Here is everything you need to know about the The Top.

Top Was Fascinated By Spinning Tops

Who he would become: The Top.

Who he would become: The Top.

It’s true — as a child, Roscoe Dillon had an obsession with spinning his toy tops. He would later adapt this into his career as a criminal and would subsequently become known as “Top.” His intention of doing so was to increase his criminal profile. It worked, as Top became one of the Flash’s most notorious rogues.

He Taught Himself How To Spin

Top's spin effects.

Top’s spin effects.

Dillon taught himself how to spin so fast, he produced a tornado like effect and could even deflect bullets. Thus, Dillon essentially became like a human spinning top. To say he was realizing his dreams would be an understatement.

He Became A Member Of The Rogues

The Flash's rogues gallery of villains.

The Flash’s rogues gallery of villains.

Perhaps one of Top’s most famous attributes in the comics was his association with the Rogues. His unique persona and criminal reputation earned him a spot on their elite lineup of supervillains. He would also eventually date Lisa Snart, better known as Golden Glider, the sister of Captain Cold.

With the rogues already established on The Flash, seeing Top or Mirror Master arrive in Central City would certainly please the comic book fans. I know I’d love to see it.

He Later Develops Psionic Powers

The Top uses his mental abilities on the Flash.

The Top uses his mental abilities on the Flash.

Once he is a well-established villain, the effect of the Top’s spinning was enhanced a great deal. Years of spinning would eventually result in Dillon gaining psionic powers, which gave him mental abilities, including the ability to induce vertigo in people. However, his mental abilities would cease when he came into contact with the Flash’s super-speed vibrations, destroying his newly activated brain cells. This would prove to be a very costly loss for Dillon.

He Dies Days Later

Top is foiled by the Flash.

Top is foiled by the Flash.

After the brain cells that sourced his mental powers were destroyed, the Top dies only days later as his brain overheats. Knowing of his impending death, he sets a revenge plan in motion: Having bombs planted around the city and telling his fellow rogues to stop them, knowing full well that the Flash won’t believe them or help them, dooming the city. However, the Flash soon realizes this and helps the rogues save Central City.

In Death, Top’s Spirit Possessed Henry Allen

Top takes over Henry Allen's Body.

Top takes over Henry Allen’s Body.

Even in death, Top kept developing new abilities. He realizes that he can somehow possess the bodies of recently deceased people. After Barry Allen’s parents are involved in a car accident, Top possesses Henry Allen’s body and soon discovers that Barry is the Flash. He then plots with Golden Glider to kill the Flash, attempting to take over Barry’s body. However the Flash stops him, foiling the plan and exorcising the Top and allowing Henry’s spirit to return to his body.

He Is Manipulated Into Being A Hero By Zatanna

Top soon possesses another body and continues to make the Flash’s life a living hell. Barry would react by knocking him out and taking him to Zatanna. Upon the Flash’s request, she not only manipulates his mind to stop him from being a threat, she also makes him think he’s a hero.

Although the plan succeeds at first, Top soon goes mad, guilt-ridden by the harm he has caused. Although he does manage to reform several villains including Pied Piper, Heat Wave and the Trickster.

He Runs For Vice President

Driven insane from the guilt and the mind warp, Top returns to his villainous roots when he inhabits the body of Senator O’ Neill during his run for vice president. Hoping to become vice president by having Pied Piper kill his opposition, his plan is ultimately foiled by the new Flash, Wally West. Dillon is then finally imprisoned.

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So there you have it: With a ruthless criminal like the Top potentially coming to The Flash, it’s safe to say that things might be about to get a lot more interesting in Central City. The character has long been one of the Scarlet Speedster’s ultimate enemies and the show would most definitely benefit the Top’s presence. If Rosa does indeed turn out to be a female version of the Top, one thing is for sure: Season 3 of The Flash is about to get turned upside down.

Would you like to see the Top spin her way onto The Flash? Let us know in the comments!

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