The Wait Is Finally Over – You Too Can Look Like The Star Of Pixar’s Finding Dory With This Incredible Make-Up Tutorial

Pixar are one of the few studios out there and now we can add Finding Dory to the list, which follows and the search for her estranged parents.

and it looks like Finding Dory could be one of the best films of the year. Audiences who have already seen the movie are raving over the new characters and touching story line, but some are taking their fandom even further than most.

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Meet Chrisspy, a YouTube makeup artist who took her enjoyment of Pixar’s latest film to a place that few would dare to venture. That’s right, guys. Chrisspy transformed herself into a cartoon fish.

If you too would like to turn into Dory, just follow these simple steps to be the envy of fish-themed costume parties everywhere.

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Step 1

First, find a bald cap — don’t ask us where from — and glue down your eyebrows to create a blank canvas, allowing the magic to begin.

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Step 2

Next, sketch out a general outline to achieve a flat, angular look, otherwise your face will look too human and not fishy enough. Remember guys, attaining that fish-like appearance is crucial for your full-on transformation into Dory.

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Step 3

Start applying both paint and shadows to fill in the larger areas and then add some finishing touches, including an open smiling mouth, complete with small teeth. Dory’s a happy critter, presumably because short-term amnesia forces her to forget her actual problems, so the smile is very important.

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Step 4

Now that you’ve finished painting your face to look like a fish, it’s time to add the kind of 3D props that Lady Gaga would sell her meat dress for. Chrisspy recommends that you blow up a printed picture of Dory, which you can use to cut the tail and fins from. Don’t forget to attach them to your face using bobby puns and liquid latex. Pritt stick just won’t cut it.

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Et voila! The finished article. The likeness is uncanny, right? Meet a friend with this Dory make-up and they’ll think they’ve somehow ended up in the middle of their favorite Pixar movie.

Chrisspy has a whole Youtube channel dedicated to these incredible transformations, which you can find right . If you ever get bored of turning into a fish, try transforming into Buzz Lightyear instead using more of Chrisspy’s ingenious tips.

Which Pixar character would you like to be transformed into?


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