‘The Walking Dead’ Promotes 4 Characters To Series Regulars To Form Its Biggest Cast To Date!

With filming on Season 7 underway, AMC have announced that four characters introduced in Season 6 have been moved up to series regulars for the upcoming season.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Tom Payne, Xander Berkeley and Austin Amelio have all nailed down series regular roles for their parts are Negan, Jesus, Gregory and

Morgan, Payne, Amelio and Berkeley [AMC]

Morgan, Payne, Amelio and Berkeley [AMC]

All four characters are based on comic book characters, and all had small but important roles in Season 6. to Rick and introduced him to The Hilltop, a community run by Berkeley’s weak and cowardly character, Gregory.

Meanwhile Amelio’s Dwight and Morgan’s Negan made themselves enemies, after it was established that Negan’s group, the Saviors, survive by taking vital supplies from other communities in exchange for protection from walkers. Not to mention the fact that Season 6 ended with Negan smashing in the brains of one of favorite characters, .

Because the four characters are based on characters from the comic series, their series regular promotion was expected due to the number of storylines they’re involved in, .

The four join the 16 remaining cast from Season 6, bringing the total number of series regulars to 20, an all-time high for the series! Check out all those down as a Season 7 series regular below:

The Walking Dead series regulars for Season 7 [AMC]
The Walking Dead series regulars for Season 7 [AMC]

Of course, the number is currently an even 20, but after the Season 7 premiere that number will undoubtedly drop at least one person ( ), when the identity of Negan’s victim is finally revealed.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Season 7 in October.

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