‘The Woods’ Claims To Be The Next Big Thing In Horror… But Is It Really?

is one horror movie that’s getting an awful lot of hype in . Bloody Disgusting’s Brad Miska called it: ”a new beginning for horror films… one of the scariest movies ever made,” which is a big boast for any movie, let alone a , which fans and critics alike are getting bored of.

Check out the trailer and see if you think Miska’s claim could be true…

At this point I’m keeping an open mind, but it did make me chuckle that a movie with the oldest premise in the book could be heralded as a ”new beginning for horror films”:

”The Woods involves a group of college students on a camping trip who discover they are not alone… There is something evil hiding in The Woods.”

Of course, that’s kind of the premise of , too, and that movie shook the genre up and made it look at itself in a way that nobody expected.

Nope, this isn't 'The Forest', it's 'The Woods' Image: Lionsgate
Nope, this isn’t ‘The Forest’, it’s ‘The Woods’ Image: Lionsgate

Like I say, I’m keeping an open mind. Maybe The Woods will be a Cabin in the Woods, maybe it’ll be a The Gallows. Hype is thrilling when it’s founded in brilliance and a thoroughly disappointing source of cynicism when it’s not. We’ll see…

Bloody Disgusting commenter spotted and drew out (in the blue lines) what could be a hidden clue in the poster for The Woods, which is rumored to have a connection with the Blair Witch Project.

Get the kleenex out— Blair Witch reference in The Woods? Image: abcab / Lionsgate

Get the kleenex out— Blair Witch reference in The Woods? Image: abcab / Lionsgate

There’s also an obvious parallel between the posters for The Woods and the creeping, crawling, angry molesting trees of The Evil Dead, both in 1981 and 2013. The Woods is released September 16, 2016 so you can choose to ignore the hype completely or shuffle along and check it out for yourself.

Do you think The Woods could be a new beginning for horror?

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