There Has Been Fan Fiction About Tom Hiddleston And Taylor Swift Since Well Before This Year’s Met Gala

If you were wondering at the speed with which the internet coined the killer ship name ” ,” you don’t need to wonder anymore. One psychic genius/fanfic author/law student by the name of Jennifer Stanley a.k.a. jenniiichristine beat us all to the punch when she predicted the pairing back on December 14, 2014!!!!!

Taylor Swift

Stanley published her tawdry tale “Wildest Dreams” a year and a half ago, and nailed not only the ship name, but the meeting place of the happy couple: the Met Gala. She prophesized that it would come to pass in 2015, but what’s one year in the grand scheme of a relationship that is ( ) going to last forever?

Here’s a screenshot of the story blurb:

Jennifer Stanely via Archive Of Our Own
Jennifer Stanely via Archive Of Our Own

It says:

Taylor Swift x Tom Hiddleston (A.K.A. “Hiddleswift” as my friends and I call this pairing), one-shot smut, split into five chapters. Written to “Wildest Dreams” from Taylor Swift’s 1989 Album. Tom and Taylor bump into each other in New York at the Met Gala in 2015, and who knows where the night just might take these two?

Tom Hiddleston

How could she possibly have known where they would meet!? Well, apparently, the girl did her research, and then took to Tumblr after news of IRL Hiddleswift broke to explain her astounding prediction:

The story can be found in full right , and boasts such delightful tags as “Hiddleswift – Relationship” and “Fluff and Smut.” You can make it through the first three pages before you get to the real NSFW stuff, but here’s a PG snippet to get you started:

β€œTom Hiddleston,” He said, blue eyes piercing mine as they locked with my gaze and he took my hand, bringing it to his lips and placing a kiss on the front of my hand. And I swear his lips stayed pressed for a few seconds as his blue eyes stared so deeply into mine before he pulled away and put my hand down.

I’m dying to see how this one ends

Stanley has written not one but 10 different fan fics about Hiddleswift β€” the most recent one posted on June 13 this year, inspired by none other than the actual 2016 Met Gala and introducing a new character, the one and only .

Seriously, . You won’t be disappointed. πŸ˜‰

What do you think of Jennifer predicting Hiddleswift back in 2014?

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