These 7 TV Couples Have The Best Chemistry Ever!

We all know how vital chemistry – that fleeting, inexplicable attraction – is to romantic relationships, especially in the early days. Chemistry is something so vital that many people actually choose their dates or partners based on how much chemistry they share. TV viewers are no different, and we we tend to relate more easily to the couples who share the greatest – and steamiest – chemistry on screen.

The way they look at each other, how real their kisses seem to be, where their hands go when they are embracing, their dialogue and – sometimes – even just their attractiveness will make a fandom ship a couple like life depended on it. Other times, this chemistry is so strong that the actors end up together in real life as well, which makes us all the happier for it.

In this list, we’ll focus on currently airing shows and their cracking couples, even if the pair are no longer together. Let’s have a look at the 7 couples who have the best chemistry on TV right now:

7. Homeland – Carrie Mathison and Nicholas Brody

Although some fans – myself included – now , back in the day Carrie was all about Brody. It seemed impossible in Homeland Season 1 to imagine Carrie and Brody ending up together, but we all wished for it.

They had the looks, they had the whole star-crossed lovers thing going for them and, whenever their eyes locked, you could cut through the tension with a knife. We got to see them together eventually – against all odds – and it was really sad when the CIA headquarters exploded in Season 2, leading Carrie to risk her job and her life to save her true love. It was all doomed from the get-go though, and seeing Brody die in Season 3, while Carrie was pregnant with his baby, signified the end of an era.

6. Vikings – Lagertha and Ragnar Lothbrok

Yes, yes – we all know , but no other woman shares the same connection with him that Lagertha does. Maybe it’s because she’s a fierce shieldmaiden, or maybe it’s because she’s being the mother of his first children, but Ragnar still cares deeply for her.

He’s betrayed her – countless times in numerous ways – and yet she remains loyal to the ideal he stands for, because she believes in him. This season, we got some of that old flame rekindled by his worry for her and her unborn child, and it’s easy to see why we all got so mad at him when he cheated on her with Princess Aslaug – who went on to cheat on Ragnar herself!

5. Outlander – Claire Randall/Fraser and Jamie Fraser

If you’re , then you know Jamie Fraser is the ultimate male. He’s strong, a good fighter, protective and fierce, but he’s also gentle, sweet and, sometimes, goofy in his own way. Claire, on the other hand, is one of the best written female characters in that she rivals Jamie’s strength and has a comeback for almost every situation. The pair was in one of the most sensual scenes in modern television – in the episode ‘The Wedding’ in Season 1 – and it’s fair to say their chemistry was a given.

In this case, more than on screen and inside their characters, it’s the real connection between Sam Heughan and Catriona Balfe that inspires the Outlander fandom to actually cheer for them. If you ever watch an interview with the pair it’ll be darn obvious that they really share a connection – even if it’s the friendship bond they insist on.

4. Shadowhunters – Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane

You may think the movie is better, but the Shadowhunters TV show brings a quirk that was clearly absent in the film. The lead couple is Clary and Jace – or at least, it should be. While the chemistry between those two is completely absent, shadowhunter Alec’s and warlock Magnus’ relationship is anything but dull.

Alec tried his best to avoid Magnus – andhis feelings for the warlock as well- but Magnus’ sway was stronger in the end. As the was drawing to a close, Alex abandoned his bride at the altar and walked up the aisle into Magnus’ embrace. That kiss may have been a long time coming, but it was still great to see it play out!

3. Game of Thrones – Ygritte and Jon Snow

She may be dead on the show but, before she left, Ygritte made sure to teach Jon Snow a couple things. The actors and it definitely showed on screen. All that teasing and rubbing Ygritte did back in Season 2 brought Jon Snow to the edge, and he eventually succumbed to the Wildling charm.

True, she shot an arrow into his back, but Ygritte did love Jon as much as he loved – and still loves – her. Their time in that cave with the hot springs left an impression not only on Ygritte, but on actress Rose Leslie as well. Kit Harington (who plays Jon) and Rose started dating while shooting the second season of Game of Thrones and they’ve been in an on-and-off relationship ever since.

2. The Vampire Diaries – Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore

Here’s another couple whose chemistry transcended the screens and seeped into real life. Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev became a couple in 2010 – while shooting Season 2 of The Vampire Diaries – and broke up in 2013, but Damon and Elena remained the show’s power couple long after that.

Elena was the only one able to bring out the best in Damon – the reformed bad boy – without toning down his personality. They fell in love, fought off the haters and clung to each other when things got tough, all the while giving us some of the best make-out scenes in the show. Sadly, in the end of Season 6, Damon loses his humanity anchor when Elena decides to let Bonnie live while she waits it out in a coffin. Though not before Elena and Damon share a last dance and our hearts break for them.

1. The Walking Dead – Maggie Greene and Glenn Rhee

While some may cheer for some loving between Carol and Daryl and others are totally pumped for Rick and Michonne, Maggie and Glenn are the one true couple of The Walking Dead. They’ve been an item since Season 2 and have had , but somehow we know they’ll always find each other.

They’re the staple couple of a post-apocalyptic world, where they’re always there for one another, they share their decisions and plans and they always choose each other above everyone else. Nevertheless, they’re probably the two most caring people in The Walking Dead universe, always trying to help the group and provide a safe place for their friends. In such a hard world, they’re fortunate enough – or crazy enough – to have a baby on the way, though Negan (and Lucille) might have a thing or two to bash about.

On TV, these are the couples that work best – even if their relationships don’t last – not only because they share a strong chemistry, but also because that chemistry has led to some of the best relationships all around in terms of trust and true love.

Now it’s your turn!

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