This Disney Lip Art is INSANE!

If you’re a Disney fan, you’re going to lose.your.freaking.mind, over this amazing make-up artists lip creations! Jazmina Daniel, a Disney fan and Syndey-based lip artist, has created some of the most extraordinary Disney fan art…ON HER LIPS.

Her incredible creations include some of the most easily recognisable Disney characters, and are so expertly done, you’d be forgiven for forgetting she’s doing this on her lip.

Take a look at this gorgeous Mulan Inspired half and half lip.

A photo posted by Jazmina Daniel (@missjazminad) on

This stunning Ariel Inspired One – Starry Night Sky Included!

A photo posted by Jazmina Daniel (@missjazminad) on

It’d Be A Sin Not To Include The Lion King!

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But her talent doesn’t stop there! In addition to her stunning Disney creations, she also does some amazing movie pieces and original designs! Like, for example, this amazingly beautiful Titanic Inspired lip, and matching iceberg nail! She’s also tried her expert hand at a Harry Potter dark lip, incredibly detailed Wizard of Oz lip – yellow brick road and all, AND this hauntingly beautifully Jaws piece, complete with a drop of blood!

You can check out her on her , or follow her to see the magic behind the incredible lip art.

If you like this, you’ll love entire make-up transformations into Disney characters, in which she incorporates her hijab into the beautiful looks.

She also does a ton of other characters, adding Neytiri from Avatar and Wonder Woman herself to her long list of brilliant makeovers. Feel free to check out her Instagram for the complete set of all her looks!

And, if you’re interested in some very cool sci-fi/fantasy looks, you can check out a Paris-based Make-Up Artist, with some seriously creepy sci-fi looks! (She’s also done a pretty badass take on Harley Quinn!)

How amazing are these artists? Would you rock any of these looks?


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