This Gorgeous Fan Art Perfectly Combines Harry Potter And Feminism

This Gorgeous Fan Art Perfectly Combines Harry Potter And Feminism by Elise Jost , May 25th, 2016 at 10:24am Share on Facebook Share to TwitterSome stories, like Harry Potter , prove to be endless inspiration for talented fan artists. From portraits of the characters based on their description in the books to actual tattoos that will stay with fans forever, there’s no such thing as too many drawings based on the sorcerer’s magical universe.The main trio have also lent themselves to some adorable gender-swapped illustrations , and we really wish we would have gotten to see Harry and Ron as girls. Now, Canadian artist Louise Reimer has created four beautiful characters based on the four Hogwarts houses, and they all carry a powerful feminist message.These 4 Harry Potter Illustrations Carry A Feminist Messagevia louisereimer.cavia louisereimer.caThese illustrations combine delicate colors and lines with powerful statements. As the author, Louise Reimer, tells the Huffington Post, her art revolves around female characters, especially in mythology.via louisereimer.caShe goes on to explain that she also tries to get away from the idea of a tense male-female relationship.via louisereimer.caHer style can be described as folk art, because it draws from textiles and focuses mainly on color.The lightheartedness of her style certainly provides an interesting contrast with the power of the themes she’s tackling.If you like her art, be sure to check out her website !Source: The Huffington Post