This Grid Of 60 Images Is The Ultimate ‘Friends’ Time Flies

One Imgur user and Friends fan uploaded this massive collage of 60 different pictures — 10 of each Friends character — lined up side by side. So simple, and yet so brilliant!

Friends Time Flies Grid

Friends Time Flies Grid

Isn’t it beautiful?? In the column on the left, you get the whole cast in Season 1, going forward in time until you reach Season 10 on the far right. In each row, you can see exactly how each character aged throughout the series.Aside from their physical changes, you can see how the different characters changed stylistically, too. For instance, back in Season 1, Phoebe had a definite hippie vibe going on. Her outfits are always eccentric, but as time goes on her look progresses from flower-child to dramatic.

The Evolution Of Phoebe Buffay's Style

The Evolution Of Phoebe Buffay’s Style

This chart also allows you to notice and appreciate the many hair styles of Rachel Green. For example, the iconic look of the ’90s in the top row, second column: The Rachel itself.

Jen Aniston sporting 'The Rachel' hair cut

Jen Aniston sporting ‘The Rachel’ hair cut

It was so hard to notice the little changes when we watched Friends on TV, but check out the difference between the theme songs in Season 1 and Season 10. Season One ThemeSeason Two ThemeStill can’t get enough nostalgia? Check out the whole cast of Friends in these individual side-by-side images from the first and last episode. Which Friends cast member do you think has aged the best?

Joey - Am I 19 Or What?

Joey – Am I 19 Or What?

Source: Imgur