This Guy Is Gonna Make The ‘IT’ Reboot Truly Freaky

There are many people who make horror movies great, even if they’re not terribly famous as individuals. One of those people is Javier Botet, the 6”7, 120 pound, double-jointed actor who you’ve probably never heard of. He will be joining and in the .

Botet played REC‘s Tristana Medeiros, The Conjuring 2‘s Crooked Man, Crimson Peak‘s ghosts, ‘s Myrtu, the titular ghoul of Mama… and now he’s coming to freak us the fuck out in 2017’s IT reboot. Here he is jerking and twisting around in his motion test for 2013 horror hit Mama.

Botet’s unusual physique, lengthened limbs and ultra-flexible joints are a result of a condition called Marfan syndrome, and his unique stature has made him a memorable part of several movies. As for the 2017 IT reboot, it’s unclear what role Botet will take, but Stephen King’s novel provides ample inspiration as the evil entity known as ‘IT’ has many forms, including a giant spider and — of course — nightmare clown Pennywise.

Whatever his role in the IT reboot will be, he will certainly give horror fans . Botet has great passion for what he does and the feelings he engenders in horror audiences, telling The Independent:

“I was always creative. I think fear is the most complicated moment to reproduce in movies. I think the real, frightening moment is very, very complicated; I’m still learning day-by-day what is better… I try to speak with my body.

Javier Botet. Image: The Sun

Javier Botet. Image: The Sun

Sometimes it’ll be a creature who acts like an animal, or something very mechanical. But when the role has a story, I try to make my movements speak to that.”

Which of IT’s forms do you want to see in the 2017 movie reboot?

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