This Round Up Of Bruce Willis’s Next 6 Movies Will Have You Screaming Yippee Ki-Yay, Motherf**ker!

Bruce Willis may have been rocking cinema screens since 1980 (his first appearance was in The First Deadly Sin playing a character simply listed as “Man Entering Diner as Delaney Leaves,” no less), but does the 61-year-old show any signs of slowing down nearly four decades on? No, no he does not.

Below you’ll find a round-up of all his upcoming roles and it looks like we’re in for one hell of a ride!

First Kill

  • Character & co-stars: Unknown

While little is known about this upcoming action thriller directed by Steven C. Miller (Marauders, The Aggression Scale) we can rest assured that this will be a role Willis is more than cut out for. He’ll star as a police chief working against the clock to solve a kidnapping involving a bank robber and a young boy held hostage — so I think it’s safe to say we can expect some serious John McClane vibes here!

  • Release date: 2017

Going Under

Bruce Willis in G.I.Joe

Bruce Willis in G.I.Joe
  • Character: Steve
  • Who else stars? Jason Momoa, Elisabeth Röhm, John Goodman

A directorial debut from the Cullen brothers (the duo behind multiple primetime hits like NBC’s Heist and Lucky for FX) Going Under is a comedy revolving around a private detective whose dog is pinched by a gang and the gang leader forcing him to work a few jobs before giving his pooch back. Sounds ridiculous, brilliantly ridiculous. And I’ll give you one guess as to which character Brucey plays. Yup, you got it — the detective.

  • Release date: 2016

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The Bombing

  • Character: Unknown
  • Who else stars? Song Seung-heon, Nicholas Tse, Liu Ye

The Bombing is a Chinese action war-drama set during World War II. Its narrative focuses on the Japanese bombing of Chongqing and depicts five different Chinese people fighting their way through Japanese air force attacks to protect an important military machine. As of yet there’s no information on the character Willis will play but undoubtably it’ll be a key role that won’t involve him reinvented as an East Asian solider.

  • Release date: September 2016

Labor of Love

Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense

Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense
  • Character: Unknown
  • Who else stars? Ben Winchell

Reuniting with director M. Night Shyamalan — the pair worked together on The Sixth Sense and UnbreakableLabor of Love will seemingly show Willis as a Philadephia book store owner shortly after the love of his life dies in tragic circumstances. Haunted by a notion that he was never so open about his feelings for her, he embarks on a solo trek from Phili to Pacifica, CA, her favorite place, to show posthumously how much he loved her. Think Reese Witherspoon in Wild but with more facial hair.

  • Release date: TBD

Die Hard Year One

  • Character & co-stars: Unknown

Wanted more Bruce Willis cop vibes? You got it! However the sixth movie in the franchise, Die Hard Year One, will show John McClane as you’ve never seen him before. Cast your mind back to Die Hard OG, back in 1988 before he took down Dans Gruber (R.I.P) in a skyscraper heist, then go further back and picture a time he was happily snuggled up to ex-wife Holly — that’s the period this action drama will focus on. Here we’ll finally see the origins of McClane as he struggles as a beat cop workin’ NYC. However, how Willis will be incorporated into the script is yet to be seen.

  • Release date: TBD

Death Wish

  • Character: Paul Kersey (though the name could be changed for the remake)
  • Who else stars? Unknown

Eli Roth has bagged Willis to star in his retelling of the ’74 classic Death Wish, in the role of the reluctant vigilante made infamous by Charles Bronson. For those who’ve not seen the original movie its narrative revolves around Paul Kersey — a regular man turned vigilante following his wife’s murder and his daughter’s sexual assault, leading him to murder would-be muggers on the streets of Manhattan.

You can watch the original trailer below:

  • Release date: TBD

Which Bruce Willis movie are you looking forward to the most?


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