Thor Ragnarok: Who Is The Villain Hela & How Will She Affect The MCU?

Thor: Ragnarok is quietly becoming one of my most anticipated Marvel films. I was already a fan of Thor but the cast that is going to be included is absolutely insane. Kurt Urban, Jeff Goldblum and Mark Ruffalo to name a few. The one person I think I am most interested in however is Cate Blanchett’s character, Hela. Hela is set to be the film’s primary villain and anyone who knows her backstory will understand we are in for a dark, and powerful journey!Who Exactly Is Hela?In the comics, Hela is the son of Loki and a giant named Angrboða. She was born in the land of giants, Jotunheim and when she became of age, Odin appointed her as the Goddess Of Death. Her father Loki was from a different incarnation so it is unlikely that they would go this route in the comics. Hela constantly tried to bring her reign of the dead to Valhalla and was usually unsuccessful, mainly because of the efforts from Odin and Thor. One storyline in the comics that could be crucial in the pair of Infinity War films is where Hela steals a portion of Odin’s soul and create’s the entity Infinity, which is very prominent in the Infinity War books. Infinity has no physical body but is everywhere all at once. It made for a very interesting dynamic that we could see brought over to Infinity War. Hela is a big part of catapulting us into the Infinity War and I think we will see something similar in Thor: Ragnarok!What Are Her Powers/Abilities?Besides the basic combat abilities such as excellent swordsmanship and hand to hand combat, Hela excels in magical abilities, particular very dark ones. She has th ability to throw energy from her hands that can age of even kill Asgardians. She has the basic powers of Asgardians such as strength, durability, speed etc as well. Similar to Scarlet Witch, she can use her magic to cast illusions in ones mind and defeat them mentally. Her most powerful ability however is her so-called Hand of Glory. The Hand of Glory increases her punch strength so high that she can kill even an Asgardian with a single blow. Being that Hela is the Goddess of Death, she is able to collect the souls from the living. She is able to kill mortals with just a single touch and steal their souls although she generally stayed away from mortal beings and let the Valkyries handle them. Hela is basically immortal to age due to the powers of her cape that allow her magical ability to be enhanced and allows her to retain her youthful look and beauty. When she take off her cape however she turns into this hard decaying shell of herself. Hela is definitely one of the most powerful being in Marvel and we should see some really epic battles in Ragnarok!Hela Will Be A Much Bigger Deal Than You Think!Not only will Hela play a huge role in Thor: Ragnarok, I think she will have lasting implications for the future of Marvel! We may see the unleashing of Infinity and be catapulted into Infinity War! The cast of this film is absolutely fantastic and Cate Blanchett is tailor made for this role! I can’t wait to she what happens!