To Romanogers Or Not To Romanogers? The Romance Between Captain America And The Black Widow Is Not Even A Question.

To Romanogers Or Not To Romanogers? The Romance Between Captain America And The Black Widow Is Not Even A Question. by Lily Masco , May 25th, 2016 at 8:55am Share on Facebook Share to TwitterIn Captain America: Winter Soldier , Agent Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) and Steve Rogers (Captain America) share a fleeting moment of romance. During their time spent on the run together, they inevitably bond and dare step out of the friend zone.Take a look at their kiss and the decision that followed:It’s Okay They Didn’t LastCaptain America And The Black Widow/MarvelWhile it was nice to watch them explore whatever it is they hoped to find in each other, one thing came out triumphant: their friendship. Although they surely had fun, they agree that it is best for them to remain platonic.Are we okay with that? Yes! Is Captain America okay with that? Yes! In fact, he seemed to have moved on just fine with Agent 13. Is Black Widow okay with that? No one ever really knows what she’s thinking, but she certainly doesn’t have a hard time switching sides.Black Widow Is A Complex And Independent IndividualScarlett Johanssen As Black Widow/MarvelOriginally known as Natalia Romanova, she embodies female empowerment with her independent, seductive, intelligent and confident character. Let’s not forget dangerous! She is one of the most skilled fighters who speaks multiple languages and basically has all the components to make for a killer spy – pun intended.What gives the villain-turned-superhero more depth is her ability to constantly switch sides, making her a constant enigma when it comes to what she’ll do next. She is utterly unpredictable and there is so much we have yet to learn about her secretive past . Will anyone ever get her to the point of making a suitable partner?Let’s Just Say She’s Been AroundBlack Widow and Red Guardian/Comic VineEven the most independent women are deserving and entitled to romantic ventures. Agent Romanoff has definitely had her fair share…While Black Widow’s history has seen different shapes and forms, one version in the comics involves the KGB arranging her marriage to a Soviet test pilot named Alexei Shostakov. Her husband became the Red Guardian, an operative who is banned from ever contacting his wife again, while Romanoff is led to believe he is dead.Black Widow And Hawkeye Were In LoveThe Black Widow and Hawkeye/MarvelIn the comics, Natasha’s first noted relationship after her training was with Clint Barton (Hawkeye), who was originally sent to take out the Soviet spy. Instead, an unexpected spark occurs between them, leading him to spare her life. Clintasha left the dark side, teamed up and joined the Avengers.There may have been chemistry between the two in the movies, but it is highly doubtful they could ever unite. In Age Of Ultron , Romanoff’s friendship with Hawkeye’s wife and family is revealed, thus positioning her as a platonic fellow soldier.Not Only With Hawkeye, But Daredevil TooBlack Widow And Daredevil/FansidedFollowing the Hawkeye relationship in the comics, is Natasha’s long-term relationship with Matthew Murdock (Daredevil). This love affair was a rather serious one, enticing the spy to move to San Francisco for him until they were summoned back to NYC by the Avengers.They fought crime together but Natasha eventually left him when she realized he constantly underestimated her, never seeing her as a true equal but as more of a sidekick. They remain close friends and allies in desperate times.While it’s doubtful, there is still room for a possible encounter between the two, either with Daredevil breaking through into one of the movies, or with Black Widow appearing on the Netflix Original TV series Daredevil .She Even Engages In Romance As Ms. Rushman!Scarlett Johanssen In Iron Man 2/MarvelIn the comics, Romanoff was once tortured so much that one of her former fake identities, Nancy Rushman, surfaced as an ulterior personality. While under the impression of Nancy, she found herself attracted to Spider-Man until her real self returned. Obviously, this would have been inappropriate in the Marvel Cinematic Universe given Spider-Man’s young age.Ironically in Iron Man 2 , Natalie Rushman is the name Romanoff gave when first meeting Iron Man while under cover. Even though Tony Stark was next to his lover Pepper Potts, at the time, there was no masking Stark’s initial sexual attraction to Black Widow. There is even a comic book version in which Stark and Romanoff are married and have a sex tape incident.There Was That Random Fling With Hercules…Black Widow and Hercules in ChampionsIn the ’70s comic books, Black Widow leads The Champions, a new super hero team in Los Angeles. This team includes Ghost Rider, Angel, Iceman, and – you guessed it – Hercules. They had a brief romance, but nothing particularly memorable.Let’s Not Forget About The HulkIn Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Agent Romanoff and Bruce Banner (The Hulk) develop an intimate connection. While this never occurs in the comics, their feelings develop as they relate to one another’s troubled pasts and as Natasha attempts to tame The Hulk’s rage.Her Most Conflicting Romance For Romanogers: BuckyNatasha Romanoff and Bucky Barnes/The Masks BlogThis relationship poses the biggest threat to Romanogers as it creates a love triangle. While we cannot know if this is expected to show up in MCU, Natasha and James Bucanan “Bucky” Barnes have quite the history.Natasha was training to become a spy in the top secret USSR Black Widow Program with the Red Room Academy. She was given a super-serum comparable to the one used on Captain America, to supply her with super strength, flexibility, and slow ageing. In the comics, Roger’s best and oldest friend, Bucky, trained Romanova to defeat the Avengers while brainwashed as the Winter Soldier.Fans have been shipping this strange union, which could result in an unexpected transition to film. During a fight scene between Black Widow and Winter Soldier in Captain America: Civil War , she looks into his eyes and says, “Do you at least recognize me?” She could have been referencing other times they’ve met or even that time he shot her, but the tone in her voice suggests otherwise.The One True Love In Captain America’s LifeSteve Rogers And Bucky Barnes/MarvelCaptain America has had his own share of love affairs, including Agent Carter and Agent 13. Obviously, he has a type. However, one could argue that his one true love is his best friend Bucky.While Bucky and Natasha may have had something in the comic books, it is nothing compared to what these BFFs share. If you recall, this friendship is so important it unleashed a civil war . No big deal.They’ve been best friends for several lifetimes, have grieved each other, fought each other, hated each other, helped each other and even hurt loved ones for each other. How else do you define love? They are soul mates and would not mess that up over a girl – not even Black Widow.Captain America Is Great And All, But Black Widow Doesn’t Need A ManWhile it’s fun to watch Natasha engage in her many romances, maybe it’s okay if she remains single in the long run. It would be the most reflective representation of her ever-evolving persona.While she has her moments of softness and humanity, she also has her ruthless switch that will cater to herself first and foremost. She’ll never get lonely with the Avengers by her side and if she does, well there’s always Tinder.The Romanogers Romance Built A Platform For Their Important FriendshipCaptain America And Black Widow/MarvelCaptain America: Winter Soldier is all about forming a friendship between the idealistic Steve Roger and the cynical Natasha Romanoff. While on the run, it can be challenging to define a new relationship between two attractive adults who have no one else but each other for company.Even superheroes have needs, so who can blame them for thinking about it? It was certainly on Steve’s mind when he sarcastically told her she must look terrible in a bikini. Whatever sexual tension they initially had was addressed, however, allowing them to move on without any what-ifs.This fleeting romance was merely a stepping stool to encourage a deep friendship in which they can continue to build trust and strengthen as allies. It is crucial to have some platonic friendships in the superhero world. Besides, they can’t all fight crime together if it’s one big massive orgy, can they?Agent Natasha Romanoff And Steve Rogers Kiss/MarvelRomanogers… Yay or Nay?Sources: Moviepilot, Fansided