Tom Hiddleston as Bond A Dream Come True? Fans React

When that Tom Hiddleston might be the next gun-wielding, lady-luring, martini-drinking, super spy James Bond, the social sphere erupted in expected fashion, immediately pondering the possibility of the bad guy we love to hate (or just love to love for many of us), , becoming our favorite British agent.

Though it’s uncertain just how far along in talks Hiddleston and producers may be, fans have already expressed plenty of opinions on the matter of whether this is a match made in British hottie heaven or if the hullabaloo is premature.

Here is the best of what fans had to say via :

Hiddleston’s Fans Love Him & ‘The Night Manager’

Those who approve of this news cite Hiddleston’s recent role in AMC miniseries where he plays an ex-British officer turned intelligence operative. A similar role may just prove he’s up for the part.

Is He Fit Enough for the Role?

There have been those quick to point out that while Hiddleston can hang among superheroes, it’s not because of his brawn. A few fans seem to think Hiddleston won’t be able to fill out that Bond tuxedo well enough.

Overlooked Possibilities?

As exciting as Hiddleston seems for the role plenty of people already had in mind who’d they’d rather see as Britain’s next MI6 agent.

The most suggested alternative was Michael Fassbender, clearly Bond fans see that someone with villain experience — in this case X-Men’s — makes for a well-rounded Bond with his bad-boy ways.

Additional names thrown into the Bond casting ring were Idris Elba, Hugh Jackman, Clive Owen and Tom Hardy.

And for good measure, how about Peter Dinklage?

Though I can’t say his accent in Game of Thrones has me convinced he’d manage as the proper Brit James Bond.

Let’s be clear, talks are just talks and we’ve seen it happen plenty of times where things quickly fall through and the rumor mill continues to turn. But as long as we all get to dream up our perfect Bond, might as well share it with the world. And should talks stall, let’s not forget another hot Brit who’s recently mentioned wanting a crack at Bond: is already eyeballing that license to kill. Time for a Jane Bond?