Too Many Sequels & Remakes Coming Out? Catch up on All of the Originals & Prequels on Netflix!

Every time you turn around, there’s another remake coming out, or the next film in a trilogy hitting the big screen. Sure, it’s great when it first comes out, but after watching it 10-20 times, what do you do with all that time you have before the next one comes out, or it gets remade again?
You jump on the internet and re-watch all the originals, or prequels, or whatever you can find to pass the time!With Transformers 5 coming, and Captain America: Civil War tearing it up at the box office, here are some choices on Netflix for you to watch in between movie releases.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any of the original Michael Bay movies up yet, but you have a choice between three different animated series:

And Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising:

AvengersWhen you’re done seeing our heroes fight amongst themselves, or while you’re waiting to still go see it (what are you waiting for???), you can watch Tony and Cap battle Red Skull and Taskmaster in Iron Man & Captain America: Heroes United:

Or Marvel’s Avengers Assemble-

Or maybe some Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher:

But be careful when you search for “Avengers” …there’s some weird stuff out there, even on Netflix.And speaking of Punisher, his original movie is streaming right now, too!Batman & Joker

Didn’t like Batman v. Superman, and tired of waiting for Suicide Squad? Check out the original!

Or, watch a couple animated Batmans. If that still isn’t enough, there’s always Lego Batman!

Angry BirdsCan’t wait to see the movie? Watch some Toons!


None of the movies are on Netflix right now, but there’s one season of Ultimate Spider-Man if you’re really in the mood!The FlashEzra Miller is bringing us the scarlet speedster in 2018, but until then, you have season 1 of the new series available-

And, if Netflix so chooses in the future, the next seasons as they become available. Also, Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox is available too-

Jungle Book

As incredible as the CGI in the new movie looks, if you want some lower budget viewing, The Jungle Book: Mowgli’s Story is for you!Star Wars

Not much to offer here except some Clone Wars, both the movie and 6 seasons of the series.Star TrekWith Star Trek: Beyond coming soon, take a look at this screenshot, and you’ll see you have plenty of Trekking before then!

Pirates of the CarrrribbeanPirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tale is coming in 2017, and unless Netflix gets more of the first few movies, you’ll have to watch The Curse of the Black Pearl over and over and over…

Or, there’s always 3 seasons of Jack and the Never Land Pirates. That’s close, right?We’ll end this with some Power Rangers!Just search for this one, and this is what you’ll get:

I’m thinking that just might be enough to last you until 2017!Are there any movies you’re stoked about that have something available on Netflix for you to get your fix?