Top 10 Horror Hunks from the ’80s and ’90s

Since the beginning, it’s become a horror movie staple to have attractive leads and or supporting characters. ‘Cause how can you resonate with a protagonist’s plight when they’re just physically average (joking)? Usually, beautiful women are the center of these films. However, there’s been a line of dapper men who’ve also graced horror films, and I believe these men below from the ’80s and ’90s are the most arresting. I’d like to say before starting that this list is all based on my own opinions, and tastes.

10. Freddie Prinze Jr.- I Know What You Did Last Summer ’97

In this film, Freddie was a fisherman named Ray who was involved in a hit and run that would change everyone’s lives. Freddie’s appearance in this movie was quintessential boy next door. He was muscular, his hair was handsomely styled and his face was (still is) gorgeous. Despite being involved in that terrible accident, Ray still came off as a caring, likable and pleasant guy.

9. George Clooney- Dusk Till Dawn ’96

Clooney portrayed a criminal who regularly partnered with his brother Richard (Quentin Tarantino) on their illegal excursions. They and their hostages found themselves at a bar that was run by vampires, and they had to fight them off till the sun rose Clooney’s allure in this film not only came from his rugged looks, but also his confident and badass demeanor.

8. Matthew Lillard- Scream ’96

Matthew Lillard’s character Stu in Scream was quite “complex.” He was Sidney’s best friend’s boyfriend, and one of the popular kids at high school. He was humorous, and extroverted punk with a dark secret. In the film, I adored Lillard’s short and tousled haircut, deep blue eyes and dimples.

7. Bruce Campbell- Evil Dead 2 ’87

Bruce Campbell is a man’s man; and in Evil Dead 2 it was no more prevalent there. His character Ash was an outgoing, passionate and brave smart-aleck who battled sinister spirits to save himself and those around him. Not only was Campbell’s virile presence as Ash titillating, but his dark hair, strong chin and thick eyebrows were also prepossessing.

6. David Naughton- An American Werewolf in London ’81

David plays David, a young man who visited Europe with his friend Jack only to loose Jack, and be bitten by a werewolf. As a human, David had a lean physique, slightly curvy dark hair and an adorable baby face. He also came off as pleasant and easy-going.

5. Johnny Depp- Nightmare on Elm Street ’84

Here Johnny Depp is Glenn, Nancy’s understanding boyfriend and one of Freddy’s potential victims. Depp’s appearance in this film reminds me of classic Hollywood; his thick, glossy hair (in my opinion it resembled James Dean’s), prominent eyebrows and plump lips.

4. Casper Van Dien- Sleepy Hollow ’99

In this film, Casper Van Dien was Katrina Van Tassel’s fiance and Ichabod’s competitor. There was a brutish, but refined nature that Dien instilled in his character that’s captivating. Physically, I find his wavy hair, dark blue eyes, five o’clock shadow and vigorous build incredibly fetching.

3. Chris Sarandon- Fright Night ’85

Now, while he was prepossessing you maybe wondering why he’s so high on this list. Well, besides his looks he carried himself in this film in such a charismatic, sly and charming manner that he came off as hypnotic. This is fitting considering Sarandon’s role in Fright Night was a seductive vampire named Jerry.

2. Keifer Sutherland- The Lost Boys ’87

One of Keifer Sutherland’s most famous roles was David, a vampire who was leader of a band of vampires who enjoyed partying and messing around. In the film, he turned the main protagonist Michael into a half-vampire. On the surface, Sutherland was (still is) efficiently handsome with his blonde hair, beard and blue eyes. However, it was David’s powerful, assertive, smarmy and playful personality that seals the deal.

1. Brad Pitt- Interview with the Vampire ’94

Brad Pitt as Louis de Pointe du Lac is admittedly a typical choice. Typical in that he was a tortured, but kind soul who also happened to be amazingly gorgeous. I admire how he struggled being this cordial and posh gentleman, and a blood quenching creature. He cared about the people in his life (e.g. Claudia), and he wouldn’t think twice about delving into his monstrous instincts to protect them. And while he may have looked like he belonged on a cheesy romance novel cover; his long hair, dreamy eyes, red rose lips and pale complexion swooned me.

I understand if some of you disagree with this list. As we have our individual perspectives on what’s attractive. However, I think you’ll agree with me that appearance doesn’t solely make a person romantically appealing. Although, it’s a critical aspect a person’s personality completes the whole package. Just as these men’s characters have done.