Top 10 Jess Moments From ‘Gilmore Girls’

Gilmore Girls was a funny show, with great characters, witty dialogue, and episodes that were funny and heartfelt all at once. There was also a plethora of unforgettable characters. Everyone has a favorite boyfriend of Rory’s. Dean was an adorable first boyfriend, though he became less favorable as the seasons went on, and Logan took her out of her element. Jess, in my opinion, was the best suited for her however. He helped her grow, and while he was a bit of a trouble maker really cared for her and met her on an intellectual level that he didn’t let many people see. With the revival coming soon, here is a look at some of his best moments on screen.

1.”Jess…. Ma’am.”

Jess is caught talking to Lane by her over protective mother who immediately runs over to demand who he is. Jess, being one of the most tough characters on the show, is clearly intimidated and it is just one of those silly little moments that is over looked.

2. Outbidding Dean on Rory’s basket

While it was kind of a jerk move, this was one of those moments that was genuinely funny where Jess outbid Dean, Rory’s current boyfriend, for her lunch basket and they have a picnic on a bridge by the lake. The whole episode was sweet, and was also when Jackson and Sookie got engaged so, you know, added bonus.

3. “I thought this was the uniform”

Jess was always making little jabs at Luke, his caretaker. This one, however, was fun and only lasted a moment but those who loved Lorelai’s little comments over Luke’s rarely changing attire appreciated this moment.

4. “Welcome home”

After having disappeared for some episodes because of the car accident he and Rory got into, it was very satisfying to see him return in the season finale for Sookie’s wedding to get a kiss from Rory and a proper welcome home.

5. When he got into a fight with a swan

Am I the only one who wishes that we could have seen this? I know that this lead for some tension between him and Rory, but his discussion about it with Luke was funny, and the whole mystery of what happened had viewers (ok maybe just me) on the edge of our seats for the episode.

6. “You googled”

After Rory decided to go to Yale, one of the sweetest little moments between the two of them was when he told her that he google mapped the distance from Stars Hollow to Yale for visits. At 17-18 is there anything more romantic?

7. Walking his mom down the aisle

Even though Jess hadn’t wanted to go to the wedding, he showed up anyway to show his mother support and to make her happy, walking her down the aisle during her wedding to TJ. He put aside his own feelings and did something that was honestly very selfless, even if it seems as though it were just a little thing.

8. When he finally told Rory that he loved her

While at that point it was a little too late, it was sweet and kind of amazing to finally see that happen. She was the one person who always believed in him outside of Luke, and to finally see him say those three little words was very satisfying (and watching her run was great too).

9. Finding out that he had published a book

And that Rory is what helped him to accomplish that, which is so romantic! He had clearly grown up since the last time that we saw him, and to see him so accomplished in his final appearance was a stark contrast to when he first showed up in Stars Hollow.

10. When he convinced Rory to go back to Yale

Rory seemed to have lost herself, having a falling out with Rory, stealing a yacht, partying and dropping out of Yale. I find it interesting that after his return Rory decided to go back to school and finish it, becoming a journalist. He reminded her that she was better than the way she was acting, and that brought her back to the life that she truly belonged in, which I think is the greatest thing he could have ever done as a character and we should all thank him for.

Jess was a funny, sarcastic and intelligent character, and I cannot wait to see what he has been up to since we last saw him. Make sure to catch up on the show by watching it on Netlfix, and keep an eye out for more news on the revival!

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