Top 5 Craziest Alternate Versions Of Batman

We all know Batman here. Rich boy, dead parents, punches thugs in Bat costume. While that’s a perfect origin story, some have tried to put interesting twists on it, using the multiverse as a means to showcase a different kind of Batman without screwing up the canon. It’s a great concept, and has brought us things like The Dark Knight Returns, Batman: Earth One and other such classics. However, it has also brought us some… interesting interpretations of the character. Let’s take a look at those, shall we?

5) Paladin

Batman meets John Wayne...

Batman meets John Wayne…

So in this timeline, Bruce Wayne sees a violent Western with his parents, who are then shot, causing Bruce to grab the gun off the shooter and enact his revenge. The end result is what you see above: a Zorro-esque cowboy who guns down all of Gotham’s villains. I’m not gonna lie, he isn’t the worst, and is even has some cool moments when brought into the main universe. It’s just really weird to see a cowboy Batman in the modern day, and really doesn’t fit with the whole concept of Batman as a dark vigilante, because he’s just a cowboy shooting people.

4) Li’l Batman

I thought I looked like this as a kid reading comics

I thought I looked like this as a kid reading comics

It’s pretty much all there in the title actually. Basically it’s Batman except he is, alongside all his world’s heroes, a child. What’s really weird about this version of the character is the tweaking of his origin, in which his parents are shoved by bullies, causing a child Bruce Wayne to don the cape and cowl in order to… make a one off gag about all of the Justice League I guess? Look, this makes no sense to me, and there’s a bit where he reads comics in order to figure out who all the standard Justice League are, so just… what.

3) Guardian of Gotham

That cat-signal is... ridiculous

That cat-signal is… ridiculous

This one is arguably more interesting than the rest, taking place in an alternate world where Catwoman is basically Batman (rich kid, dead parents, cat suit etc.) and Batman is now a psychopath similar to the Joker who murders all of Catwoman’s villains in order to establish himself as the only fish in her pond. It’s… slightly confusing because the role reversal of Cat and Bat isn’t exactly as simple as it sounds, and most other things are the same, but not quite all. The handling of Batman as a murderous psycho is especially weird, considering the only thing kept consistent about him is the costume. The actual comic isn’t the worst though, even if it’s just for the bizarre factor.

2) Batmouse

Anyone else find this Batmouse terrifying?

Anyone else find this Batmouse terrifying?

Ummm… it’s Batman, but he’s a mouse. Lord knows who thought this made any kind of sense, because if everyone’s an animal, why would he take up the mantle of a bat, that would be like him becoming “Asian-man” in our world, right? Or “Negro-Man”? I just don’t understand it, animals wouldn’t pretend to be other animals in order to become an elemental symbol, because he is an elemental figure, and it wasn’t even that funny when he did it (that image above isn’t the original version, but there weren’t any decent images if it). This one just baffles me.

1) Nazi Batman

Because of course Batman should be a nazi

Because of course Batman should be a nazi

Fun fact, the swastika slapped lazily on the Bat-logo uses highly advanced computational fabrics (because that phrase makes actual sense, sure) to make sure that no matter what angle you look at it, the swastika always looks proportionally straight. You know, while Nazi Batman is, well, dumb, I can see the appeal of the idea, but at least put some effort in. You have Batman and the Gestapo combined, but all you could think of was to use the exact same Bat-suit with a couple of red lines scribbled on it. I just… don’t… understand.

Wrapping Up…

Well that was… interesting. I guess you can let us know what your favourite Batman on the list is. But be warned, if you vote for Nazi Batman then I’m pretty sure some men in suits are going to show up at your door. So you do that, and I’ll go burn some comics I’d rather no-one found in my room. Catch you later.

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