Two MAJOR ‘Walking Dead’ Cast Members Spotted Near Set Helping In A Real-Life Car Wreck! Does It Mean They Survived Negan?

READ BELOW IF YOU DARE! This could be a MAJOR ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 spoiler!

Whoa! Now this is just crazy! Two fan-favorite The Walking Dead cast members have been spotted near set in Atlanta, GA while being good Samaritans in a real life car wreck! This is EXTREMELY spoilery information, because as we know, the scene in which Negan bludgeons a mystery person in S7 has already completed filming! So that mystery person is good and dead, and would most likely not be on set for any further shooting for the season! We do know we will find out who died in the first episode of season 7 almost immediately, so logically, there are no scenes for the person who dies at the hand of Negan to film after the death! EEEKKK! So, could these two cast members have survived Lucille? And if they did, who didn’t, then?

Yesterday, Norman Reedus and Steven Yeun were spotted riding motorcycles together in Peachtree City, GA (near The Walking Dead set) when they witnessed a major car wreck involving a red pick-up truck and tan sedan. The pair obviously stopped to help the victims and call for medical help. Very true to their characters, they were there when they were needed the most and stepped up to the plate! Gratefully Norman and Steven were not hurt, and the crash victims sustained only minor injuries and are all expected to make a full and speedy recovery.

Seriously though, these two are real life heroes, just not in the spoiler department…because them being in Atlanta near set together pretty much means they are both filming, and they may have survived Lucille. In the comics, it is Glen who dies by bat, so many have speculate it would be his real, not fake, death this time. However the show NEVER stays 100% on track with the comics, and it would not be a surprise that they would keep Glen, a fan favorite, alive. As far as Norman goes, I don’t think anyone expected it was him. The threat that if Daryl dies we riot still stands. Still, this show would do it, and that was what made fans nervous. Now, we can all breathe a sigh of relief our boys are safe. So if it’s not them, who is it?

Let’s look at the remaining cast members. Rick, Maggie, Carol, Abraham, Michonne, Sasha, Aaron, Eugene, Rosita, and Carl. Seriously, I have no idea. I would be lying if I didn’t say now that I know Daryll and Glen are safe, I would prefer Rick, Maggie, Carol, Michonne, and Carl to be safe too. The others, I think I could live without if I am being honest, and for that reason,I don’t think it will be any of them. The Walking Dead never cops out, and killing off one of the minor characters that aren’t as big of fan favorites would be a major cop out. My theory? It’s Carol, and I am not ready for it.

Now, could it still be Glen or Daryl who dies? Yes. Maybe they were just riding together for Norman’s new show, or maybe just for fun since one of them is dead and doesn’t need to be on set. However, I am leaning to this being a major clue both are still alive and filming, what do you think?