Unlike The Movie’s CGI Effects, The First Reviews Of ‘Warcraft’ Aren’t Looking Pretty

Unlike The Movie’s CGI Effects, The First Reviews Of ‘Warcraft’ Aren’t Looking Pretty by Varia Fedko-Blake , May 25th, 2016 at 7:56am Share on Facebook Share to TwitterThese past few months have witnesses a myriad of video game adaptations announcements to get true gamer hearts racing with wild abandon. Indeed, we need not look past the fact that Assassin’s Creed is speeding towards release this December and that a Lara Croft reboot starring Alicia Vikander has just been announced to conclude that an era of video game is definitely upon us.So understandably, ahead of the June 10 release of Warcraft, expectations have been raised very high. Check out the trailer below:There’s been quite a bit of hype surrounding the Duncan Jones CGI-heavy release during its many years in development. Over which time, naturally we have dissected the storylines, marveled at the stellar cast starring Travis Fimmel, Ben Foster and Dominic Cooper and lapped up all the breathtaking movie screenshots thrown our way. And now, just weeks ahead of the feature hitting the big screens, the reviews have started to trickle through.And guess what? Unlike the movie’s state-of-the-art special effects, they’re not looking pretty.Stunning CGI in WarcraftFollowing a preview for the big budget adaptation for example, The Hollywood Reporter has categorized it as being “downright dull.” Read a snippet from the review below:Similarly, avid gamer Jason Schreier at Kotaku criticized the movie’s failure to tap into the “goofy” nature of the original video games, writing:The Wrap also had this to say:Toby Kebbell stars as Durotan in WoWHowever, despite all this Warcraft bashing, it appears that fan spirits aren’t being dampened. For one, there are still hundreds of acclaimed reviewers waiting to put their opinion forward in the coming weeks and after all, whatever the critics say, isn’t it the fan voice that counts? Ultimately, at its peak, the video game giant had over 12 million fans — surely someone is bound to like the adaptation.So, for the time being, let’s all just wait out the first wave of reviews and at least settle for Crave Online’s neutral approach:It’s “a lot of fun” and a “like-able adventure,” you say? Count me in!Will you be going to see World of Warcraft ?