Vigilante: Everything You Need To Know About The New Hero Of ‘Arrow’

We already knew that Arrow would be for its fifth season. Then, we found out recently that .

However, according to Deadline, the team behind Arrow aren’t stopping there and have added another vigilante to their line-up. Actor Josh Segarra of Chicago P.D. has been added to the cast as a series regular for Season 5.

Josh Segarra (via Warner Bros TV)

Josh Segarra (via Warner Bros TV)

Segarra will star as Adrian Chase, also known as Vigilante. The character’s most notable run came from his own DC Comics series back in 1983 which ran for an impressive 50 issues, ending in 1988.

The series was also well-received (especially for Issues 17-18 which featured the acclaimed “Father’s Day” arc) and has become a cult classic series among comic book fans. It was dark, gritty, and emotionally charged — all of these things could help breathe new life into Arrow. So now you know the history, let’s take a look at the character and find out all you need to know on the man known as the Vigilante.

Vigilante Was a District Attorney

Vigilante #1 Photo Credit: DC Comics

Vigilante #1 Photo Credit: DC Comics

Outside of being a vigilante called Vigilante, District Attorney Adrian Chase was busy cleaning up the streets another way — with the law. The New York City District Attorney was obsessed with taking down mobs and worked tirelessly to free the city from them. This would continue to factor into his role as Vigilante, driving him to do what the law wouldn’t allow.

With City Hall’s recent importance in Arrow, expect to see the whole DA angle played up to a lot (even though it should have been featured prominently long before now with the show’s actual ADA Laurel Lance).

Vigilante’s Family Was Killed

Photo Credit: DC Comics

Photo Credit: DC Comics

Unfortunately, much like with Arrow‘s other new vigilante Wild Dog, Vigilante is also propelled into the crime-fighting world when tragedy strikes his family.

Adrian Chase’s wife Doris, daughter Drew and son Adam are all killed by a bomb that was planted by the Scarapelli mob family in retaliation for Chase convicting their boss. The sorrow and rage fuel Chase to become Vigilante and seek out those responsible.

Vigilante is a Skillful and Violent Avenger

Photo Credit: DC Comics

Photo Credit: DC Comics

Seeking revenge, Chase underwent a redefining training program and returned to Manhattan as the ultimate dispenser of justice. Using the alias of “Vigilante,” Chase dispensed his own brutal form of justice, especially to those who managed to outsmart the Law. As Vigilante, he could achieve heights of justice that the system wouldn’t allow DA Adrian Chase to. His attacks were violent and focused. He learned to never attack anyone without being absolutely sure of their guilt beforehand. Guess being District Attorney also provides great skills for crime-fighting.

This definitely heightens the anticipation for his appearance on Arrow. We could really get some Season 1 darkness back to the show with Vigilante. In fact, I’m sensing a real Daredevil vibe here.

He Rarely Killed at First

Critically Acclaimed: Father's Day arc. Photo Credit: DC Comics

Critically Acclaimed: Father’s Day arc. Photo Credit: DC Comics

Much like our very own vigilante archer on Arrow, Vigilante preferred to steer clear of killing in his early days of crime-fighting. Although he could be quite brutal in his physical attacks, he shied away from killing, instead preferring to incapacitate evildoers. In support of these ideals, he used a number of non-lethal weapons and much like Batman, had his own trusty utility belt. Although, it should be noted that he did acknowledge that he would kill if it was absolutely necessary and his life depended on it.

More similarities between Vigilante and our Emerald Archer. It will be interesting to see if resorts to killing on the show or not, especially as Oliver/Green Arrow had to recently revert to his The Arrow persona to take down Damien Darhk.

Once He Crossed that Line… He Never Came Back

Vigilante taking and opening fire! Photo Credit: DC Comics

Vigilante taking and opening fire! Photo Credit: DC Comics

Like many heroes or vigilantes, the character suffered through a few mishaps early in his crime-fighting career. Things got worse when he was stabbed and had his identity revealed. But things reached a really definitive turning point when he ended up allowing a police officer to die as a result of his own actions.

This changed Vigilante mentally and his “absolutely necessary” kill-code is dropped. He continued on crime-fighting, growing more aggressive and violent and caring less about anyone who got caught in the crossfire.

Adrian Chase Was Very Troubled

Troubled: Vigilante - Adrian Chase. Photo Credit: DC Comics

Troubled: Vigilante – Adrian Chase. Photo Credit: DC Comics

Over the course of his crime-fighting career, Chase struggled with the decisions he made as Vigilante. To begin with, he struggled between choosing his life as Vigilante and his life as DA. He abandoned his Vigilante persona after the death of a henchman but felt forced to take up the mantle once again when, as DA he ended up defending people he knew were guilty. He also considered abandoning the persona when he battered an ex-convict who turned out to be innocent.

Furthermore, as we heard above, Vigilante eventually began to care less about who he injured or killed and thus, he ended up blurring the lines between good and evil. In fact, he even ended up murdering innocent police officers if they happened to get in his way. Chase’s brutality and violence as Vigilante would lead to him suffering horrible bouts of paranoia, followed by overwhelming feelings of remorse for the damage he had done. His mental health would continue to deteriorate and he eventually quit being Vigilante. But it was too late as his guilt continued to mount and eventually took his own life, ending the series after 50 issues.

Vigilante #17: Father's Day. Photo Credit: DC Comics

Vigilante #17: Father’s Day. Photo Credit: DC Comics

Well, there you have it, you are now all caught up on your new favorite Vigilante (see what I did there?!). The character had some incredibly powerful storylines over his 50 issue arc between 1983 – 1988. As you have just read, he is also a really deep and troubled character which will certainly make for some compelling storytelling.

I know I’ve been critical of Arrow a lot lately, but with Vigilante and Wild Dog running wild on the streets, it sounds like all hell is going to be breaking loose in Star City come October time. What will happen when either of them (or both of them) come face to face with the Green Arrow? I vote triple threat. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Are you excited to see Vigilante come to Star City? Or are you more excited for Wild Dog? Let me know in the comments!

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