‘Vikings’ Season 4 Comic-Con Trailer Teases Ragnar’s Dark Fate

Vikings Season 4 is finally returning from its rough mid-season voyage to bring us , but what should we expect from our axe-wielding warriors in the upcoming arc?

Below is a breakdown of some of the key information that we have learned from the new Comic-Con trailer and if it doesn’t get your heart all stoked up and blazing for the glory of battle, you should probably hang up your helmet for good.

Ragnar Returns

Ragnar pays a key part in 'Vikings' season 4...for now

Ragnar pays a key part in ‘Vikings’ season 4…for now

It seems like 4 swirls around the return of a now decade older Ragnar. Hailed as the harbinger of “calamity, chaos, tragedy and death,” it’s perhaps not surprising that his son Bjorn doesn’t seem to eager to slam down the welcome matt.

Or, in the more direct words of the hooded Seer, Kattegut’s citizens should “curse the day” that the battle-worn viking sauntered back onto the scene. Ouch.

The teaser also shows Ragnar being captured by the Wessex army in a wooden cage, which, considering his status as one of the most hated men in the region,

Ragnar gets captured in the new Vikings season 4 trailer
Ragnar gets captured in the new Vikings season 4 trailer

Show creator Michael Hirst didn’t offer a huge amount of reassurance about the character’s future when he told The Hollywood Reporter that, like most vikings, Ragnar has a serious death wish:

“So Ragnar is very motivated by what often motivated Vikings; to avenge something. To justify his life by doing something significant that the gods would applaud. The one thing you can say about Ragnar is that he’s not afraid of any death.”

The Other Sons

Ivar, Ubbe and Sigund will dominate Season 4

Ivar, Ubbe and Sigund will dominate Season 4

The trailer also gives us a brief intro to Ragnar’s other sons, Ivar the Bonesless, Ubbe and Sigund. This trio are ones to watch in upcoming episodes as they are all going to step into more prominent roles now they are a decade older and fully fledged warriors. Could this be an indication that the death knell could be sounding for Ragnar himself?

According to Jordan Patrick Smith who plays Ubbe, this new generation will be the ones to watch, partly thanks to the influence of their father:

“It’s almost a new generation to Vikings. Vikings, staying true to the era, is young men becoming warriors. To watch four young guys get that jump start that [Ragnar] got, they’re pretty much starting from where he left off, and then you get to see them go even further. … You need other people to come in to keep the fighting and the life of Vikings alive, rather than having old men chopping each other down.”

Lagertha V Queen Aslaug

Lagertha and Aslaug will come to blows
Lagertha and Aslaug will come to blows

Another key dramatic focus of the trailer is a new and intense rivalry between Lagertha and Queen Aslaug.

During the trailer, Lagertha can be heard delivering a pretty damning warning to Aslaug about never being able to forgive her for taking away her husband, and it looks like Aslaug might not be the victor in this battle.

A cryptic image at the beginning of the trailer shows the queen cowered on the floor covered in blood, which could foreshadow her demise.

Aslaug is seen covered in blood in the season 4 trailer

Aslaug is seen covered in blood in the season 4 trailer

Katheryn Winnick also said that Lagertha “kicks ass” in the upcoming battle when the “two power women go head to head,” but something tells me she might be a tad biased for obvious reasons.

Drink in all the drama and darkness in the Season 4 Comic-Con trailer for yourself below:

Along with dropping the trailer, the Comic-Con panel also let fans know they would have more episodes to sink their teeth into in the already confirmed Season 5.

While all the series so far have been a mere 10 episodes long (apart from the 9 episode arc of Season 1), Season 5 will deliver double the epic battles and treachery with a 20 episode arc. Can’t wait to see what they do with it!

You can leap into battle with every previous episode of Vikings along with all the action yet to come on Hulu.

How do you think Season 4 of Vikings will end? Make your predictions below.



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