‘Walking Dead’ Producer Greg Nicotero Discusses The Impact Of THAT Cliffhanger In Season 7

Despite the fact that Season 6 finale aired more than two months ago, the mere mention of the episode often elicits unhappy with the cliffhanger the episode left off on.

Since Season 6 ended, of the Walking Dead family . However, in a recent interview, instead of talking about the cliffhanger, executive producer Greg Nicotero focused on what the cliffhanger will mean for Season 7. Speaking to IGN about the impact that the death of Negan’s victim will have on the group, Nicotero said:

“It propels our people. It affects our people profoundly, as it does in the comic book. That changes everyone’s direction. The main thing about Season 7 is establishing that the world isn’t what everybody thinks it is, the world out there. At the end of Season 6, Rick was so confident. ‘We’re just going to knock out that outpost, we’re going to f–k these guys up before they f–k us up,’ and it ends with him going, ‘Heh, oh well, I had no idea. What I perceived as the world is not even close to what the reality of the world is,’ and Negan’s there to show him that.”

(Note: Although Nicotero did mention the comic books, that should in no way be taken as confirmation that Glenn is Negan’s victim.)

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan

So, gathering from what Nicotero is saying, Season 7 might almost be a return to the helplessness the group experienced in Seasons 1 and 2 when they were still learning how to survive against the walkers. Of course after seven seasons, walkers are no longer the constant biggest threat, instead now the group has come up against its first formidable opponent since the Governor. And let’s face it, even he was a joke compared to Negan and the Saviors.

I know it’ll be hard to watch, but given that the season will start off with the most devastating reveal of all time, Season 7 sounds like it’ll be a wild ride.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Season 7 in October.

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