Watch Kesha Help Give A Gay Couple A Proposal To Remember At Disney World!

Kesha helped a same-sex couple achieve a proposal to remember at Disney World on Sunday and the outspoken LGBT activist was clearly moved by the ultimate display of devotion happening on her stage.

The 29-year-old singer was performing at the annual ‘Gay Days’ celebration (which hopefully shows the ‘House of Mouse might embrace ) when a couple who were invited onto the stage shocked everyone by getting down on one knee.

Although it wasn’t her big moment, Kesha was so moved by the gesture that she shared an Instagram post showing her delighted face in the background of the romantic move. She captioned the post:

“Overcome and overwhelmed with emotion on stage last night,” she wrote. “Love is the magic in life, and really there is nothing more important. He said yes. 😉 He actually said ‘a million times, yes.’ Then my heart melted and I cried. Haha. Congratulations.””

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This isn’t the first time that Kesha has taken part in a big part of a same-sex couple’s commitment to each other and in September last year she officiated a gay wedding for the second time.

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Last year Kesha was awarded the HMC’s visibility award for her dedication to campaigning for gay rights and you can watch a video about her fight for the LGBT community below:

must have been so hard to give in the wake of the and I have even more respect for Kesha now. You rock, girl.

Do you think Kesha is a good role model for LGBT youth?