Watch Taylor Swift Say “I’ve Never Been A Boyfriend Girl” Aged 19

Taylor Swift has made a name for herself with her emotional songs drawing from the passion and heartbreak of her relationships, but when she was 19 years old she had no ides that the future

R.I.P Love - Instagram

R.I.P Love – Instagram

In an interview with none other than the might Oprah, Taylor explained how she was more into her flourishing career than looking for love and uttered the following quote:

“Ive never been a boyfriend girl where I’ve always got a boyfriend.”

Of course, these days TSwizz is just as well known for her string of roller coaster romances with the likes of *takes deep breath* Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Harry Styles, and

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Many of Taylor’s self-penned songs have been inspired by the ups and downs of her love life including “Trouble” that supposedly alludes to Mayer and the regretful “Back to December” which is rumored to be about Lautner.

During the vintage interview, Taylor alludes to the fact that she wants to focus on her career and says that she is “better single.”

Check out the interview (and Tay Tay’s original country hair and voice!) in the video below:

While the media’s obsession with Taylor’s relationships as opposed to her song writing and vocal talent is totally galling, it’s undeniable that Swift has changed her mind a bit since she was a Teen. Then again, haven’t we all?

You do you, gurl!

Do you think Taylor’s relationships are more of a focus than her music in the press?

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